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March 17, 2023

How Much Time Do Brits Spend on the Sofa?

How much time do you spend on your couch? Ever wondered if it’s more or less than the majority of the UK? Well, you probably haven’t. But you’re curious now… aren’t you?


We surveyed over 2,000 Brits and asked them how much time they spend on their sofa on an average day. Well, the results are in and the majority of people in the UK spend 3-4 hours per day on the couch. Join us as we explore some more juicy UK sofa data… including which cities spend the most and least amount of time on the couch.

woman reading a magazine and laying on forest green 3 seater Rebel sofa

Here’s a breakdown of how long people in the UK spend on their sofas:

• 3-4 hours (36%)

• 1-2 hours (25%)

• 4-5 hours (16.3%)

• 6+ hours (10.7%)

• 0 hours (2.4%)

Which UK region spends the MOST time on their sofa?

Out of the 10.6% of people who said they spend over 6 hours on their couch per day, the majority were from Yorkshire and the Humber. Cities here include Leeds, Sheffield and York. Perhaps these people simply love a little snuggle time on the couch… or it could be down to the rising number of people working from home.

Woman and a dog on a taupe Snug Big chill corner sofa with metal legs

Which UK region is ‘too busy’ to relax on their sofa?

Only 2.4% of the UK say that on average they are ‘too busy’ to spend time on the sofa and have an average of 0 hours per day. The majority of these busy bees are based in the South East (16%) and South West (16%). Cities in these areas include Southampton, Portsmouth, Brighton, Oxford, Reading, Milton Keynes, Exeter, Bath and Plymouth.

What if we break it down by age?

This might surprise you! The most popular choice for almost all age ranges was ‘3-4 hours’, but those aged between 18 and 24 mostly selected 1-2 hours. Perhaps this is because they’re out at work, university (or the pub)… or they simply relax, work, study and watch TV from their bed nowadays.

Man and Woman on blush coral big chill snug sofa in the forest

How old are those who spend the most & least amount of time on the sofa?

People who are aged over 65+ range from one extreme to another. Most respondents who say they spend 0 hours on the sofa are aged 65+ (39%) as well as the majority of those who spend less than 1 hour are 65+ (29%), but interestingly, they are also the age group most likely to say they spend 6 or more hours on the sofa (27%).

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