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August 23, 2023

Our Top Spring Cleaning Tips!

Spring is here and so is spring cleaning season! We know, we know, cleaning isn’t the most fun activity. But we’re here to give you our top spring cleaning tips to help you dust away the cobwebs and leave your home smelling fresh. Get the vacuum and mop at the ready because, believe us, there’s no better feeling than relaxing on the sofa after you’ve tidied your entire home.

Spring cleaning with a blue sofa

Let’s start with spring cleaning the kitchen

Sometimes the kitchen can be a daunting task but when you break it down into smaller jobs, it’s really not that bad. You’ll survive, honest! Here’s 3 tips that will help up your kitchen game:


  1. Leave your stainless steel stovetop SHINING by mixing 1 teaspoon of dish detergent with 1 litre of hot water, then scrub with a microfibre cloth to loosen any bits of dirt stuck in the grain. Rinse it through with hot water and then polish with a dry cloth.
  2. Clear out that junk drawer. Yes we know it probably has decades worth of stuff that you would rather not think about. But you’ll feel SO much better when you chuck out all those empty batteries and elastic bands that you will never use.
  3. Let's freshen up the sink. Mix 70g of baking soda with 35g of salt and pour down the plug hole followed by 250ml of heated vinegar. It should foam and bubble up like a DIY science experiment. Leave for 15 minutes and then rinse with some hot water. You’ll be left with drains fresher than a bunch of daisies.

Don’t forget those floors…

It’s crazy how dirty our floors can get after even just a day of walking around. Carpets are renowned for trapping dirt and odour brought into the home. Give them a refresh by sprinkling carpet deodoriser over the floor and then using a carpet brush to work it into the fabric. Leave it for 15 minutes to let it work its beautifully smelling magic and then vacuum off to reveal super duper fresh carpets.


For bathrooms - watch your grout. Grout is renowned for picking up (and clinging onto) every ounce of dirt so make sure to give it a spray with some grout cleaner.


CLEAN YOUR CLEANERS. There’s no point trying to sweep your floor clean with a brush that’s dirtier than a sewage pipe. Give your vacuum, brooms and mops a good wash before getting to work on any floors.

how to spring clean 2022


The easiest way to transform your home for Spring is to declutter. We love to hold on to old furniture, clothes, and toys for sentimental reasons but just think of all the extra space we’d have if we didn’t!


It’s time to do a Marie Kondo and sort through all your old stuff. Start with 1 room and go through every drawer, cupboard and shelf, pulling out items and thinking ‘do I really need this?’


Create two piles, one to chuck and one to donate. Always try to donate as much as you can. We want to help others and prevent as much as we can from going to landfill!

The Living Room

Dust behind your TV! It may sound obvious, but so many people forget to go behind the screen with their feather duster. A buildup of dust can cause allergies and nobody wants all their guests sneezing every time they come over!


If you’ve got a Snug sofa, this cleaning will be especially easy. We’ve designed each of our sofas to be as low-maintenance as possible. Both our Snug Velvet and Chenille fabrics are made from polyester, making them more durable and resistant to spills. You can even wipe away splashes of red wine with a simple wet cloth. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.

You don’t even have to spend hours spring cleaning pet fur off your sofa as our closed weave fabric makes it easy for stray hairs to be wiped away. A closed weave also means Snug sofas are more odour resistant too - so put that febreeze away!

Spring Cleaning your living room has never been easier. Find out more about our fabric HERE. If you don’t have a Snug sofa… looks like you’ve got a lot of work in store.

Pop the champagne, it's time to celebrate!

Once you’ve finished spring cleaning, it seems only fair to treat yourself (and your home) for all your hard work. We think a brand new, super comfy, and oh-so-stylish sofa would be the perfect treat. We’ve got a sofa-in-a-box designed to suit everyone's taste. From fully modular corner sofas, to sofa beds and armchairs, use our buying guide to find your perfect match.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Let’s have a recap! Here’s your checklist for our top spring cleaning tips 2022:


  • Clean and polish your stovetop with a microfibre cloth.
  • Clear out that kitchen junk drawer! You don’t need those batteries!
  • Freshen up your kitchen plug hole with a mixture of baking soda, salt and vinegar.
  • Use carpet deodoriser to make your rooms smell deliciously fresh.
  • Clean your grout in bathrooms (and kitchens)
  • Give your vacuum, mop, and broom a wash before cleaning floors.
  • Wipe your sofa (for Snug sofas)

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