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January 5, 2023

1 in 3 People in the UK Struggle to Fit Sofas into their Homes

We ran a survey on over 2,000 people in the UK and asked them a simple question. “How did you fit your sofa into your home?” The results are in and all we can say is… yikes. 1 in 3 people in the UK have issues fitting a sofa into their home.


(What can we say? Should’ve gone to SNUG…)

Snug neutral colour corner chaise sofa with brown wooden legs

51% of Londoners know the struggle too well

More than half of those living in London said they had issues fitting a couch into their home. It comes as no surprise, really, when we think about the number of flats and small terraced housing throughout the city.

So, how did they fit the sofas into their homes?

• 11% of the UK said they got specialist support to help navigate the couches. The experts sure knew how to PIVOT… (hopefully no sofas got broken in half on the way).

• 8% had to dismantle their door to get the new sofa indoors, and 4% fit a sofa into their home by putting it through the window.

• 1% of the respondents said they knocked through their walls to fit their new couches indoors. Now, who wants that bill to sort out?


Then, there are the lucky ones. Some Brits simply had the perfect measurements to fit the couches through their doors and hallways, and others purchased sofas that are delivered in parts.

End sofa suffering


With SNUG, you can get a couch with FREE delivery in days… and they can fit into any home. We’ve even fit a SNUG into Britain’s smallest house.

“But how?” we hear you gasp. Well, our modular sofas come in all shapes and sizes… and they’re delivered in parts making it easy to fit anywhere. Plus, they can be assembled in minutes… without ANY tools. The parts simply slot together and then you can enjoy years of blissful comfort. So, say goodbye to sofa suffering and struggle no more.


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