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May 31, 2022

World Earth Day - How We’re Helping to Make the Planet a Better Place

It’s World Earth Day, a day dedicated to celebrating our planet and showing support for environmental protection. Here at Snug, we want to leave the planet in a better place than we found it. We’ve worked to ensure that Snug is a vehicle for positive change, and we always consider the social and environmental impact of any decision we make.

We started our Snug for Good campaign with the aim to not only help the planet and the people in it, but also help to inspire goodness in others so that they can do the same. Here are a few things we do already to help make the planet a better place.

snug the sofa in a box company recycled boxes


We’ve made sure that all of our packaging is 100% recyclable. So, when you receive your new sofa, make sure that you flatten all the cardboard and place it into the correct bin! Or use it to build a fort, whatever you fancy.


Instead of sending our returned sofas to landfill, 95% of returned products are upcycled to make our “Perfectly Imperfect” pieces. We sell these at a discounted price and they can be found inside our showrooms. Find your nearest showroom here.

snug vegan friendly sofas

Sustainable Timber

The timber used for our sofas comes from well managed forests to reduce our environmental impact to animals and livestock.


We’ve also partnered with The Eden Reforestation Project to help plant trees and protect and conserve native tree species in deforested areas. So far, we’ve helped to plant 100,000 trees and we’re working to plant more. For each sofa sold, we plant 5 new trees. Find out more about our work with The Eden Project here.

snug sofa in a box carbon neutral delivery

Our Carbon Footprint

The majority of our sofas are manufactured in the UK to reduce our carbon footprint. Our delivery partners also offer a carbon neutral delivery service too. Find out more about our delivery here.

Vegan Sofas

All of the materials used to create our sofas are vegan-friendly. You won’t find any trace of leather or feathers in our products.

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