Chaise Sofa Buying Guide

This guide will help you choose the perfect Chaise Sofa.

A Chaise Sofa is the perfect combination of style and comfort. It’s the answer to all our lounging needs. We offer a range of different Chaise Sofas, and it’s important to pick the right one. This handy guide will help to answer any burning questions you may have to help make sure you get the right chaise to suit your space.

Main Considerations When Buying a Chaise Sofa

Choosing the right type and style

Our Chaise Sofa is available in The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie collections. The individual modular unit, the Chaise Longue, can be purchased with or without arms and optional storage space. It can be linked to any other sofas in the collections to make a Chaise Corner Sofa or Sofa Bed.


The Chaise Lounge sits alone and is the perfect accent chair to take your lounging from 0 to 100 real quick. If you join two together it makes a comfortable Day Bed. But if you’re looking for more room, the fully modular design allows you to build a chaise sofa into a corner sofa, both a left and right hand facing configuration. Switch it up if you change your mind later.

Want your guests to drift off to cosy town? The Chaise Sofa Bed provides ultimate comfort with the pocket foam mattress of the bed and marshmallowy soft cushion of the chaise.


Just like our sofas, the Chaise Lounge is built with a plush, plump foam cushion and a billowy back for you to sink into. Truly unbeatable comfort.

Don’t believe us? Try the cushions out for yourself at one of our showrooms or take advantage of our 100 day trial. Find your nearest showroom here.

Size and space

The Chaise Lounge on it’s own is 86cm wide and 158.5cm long, the perfect length for sprawling out on. Depending on which collection you choose, adding arms will make the Chaise Lounge wider. With 2 arms, The Cloud Sundae stands at 140cm wide whereas The Small Biggie stands at 116cm.

Chaise Corners and Chaise Sofa Beds come in a variety of sizes ranging from Small to Large. Browse the collection to see which size suits you, and if you need more help, why not book a consultation with one of our sofa experts?


Our Chaise Lounge Sofas arrive in parts which are small enough to fit through even the tightest of doorways or windiest of staircases. They can be assembled in minutes without the use of any tools.

Chaise Sofa FAQs

What is a Chaise Lounge?

A Chaise Lounge (or longue) is a sofa long enough to support your legs. They provide ultimate comfort whilst sitting upright (or laying down, we love to lie down on our Chaise).

Can you have a Chaise Corner Sofa?

Yes! Chaise Corner Sofas are available in both our The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie collections. They offer a range of different sizes from small to large corners so there’s something to suit everyone no matter how big your space.

How can I choose a right hand facing Chaise?

With our fully modular design the Chaise Lounge can be attached on both the right and left hand side of the corner sofa to allow you to build whichever orientation you need. With our simple slotting system and thumb lock screws, you can even switch it up later if you fancy.

Can you have a Chaise Sofa Bed?

Of course! Both The Small Biggie and The Cloud Sundae offer Chaise Sofa Beds so you can create the dream sleeping set-up for your guests. You can also attach a second Chaise Lounge to your Chaise to create a Daybed - a great multitasker. Snooze on your day bed come day or night with the marshmallowy soft cushions.

Is a Chaise Lounge modular?

All our Chaise Sofas are modular as they arrive in pieces which can be assembled in any formation that you can imagine. Designed with a simple slotting system and thumb lock screws, it’s easy to break pieces apart or add on additional parts. For more information on modularity, read our blog here.

Does a Chaise Lounge come with arms?

Absolutely! Arms are optional with a Chaise Lounge so you can choose to add on arms before adding to your basket. As our arms are also modular, you can also unclip these later if you want to switch up your design.

Can you get a Chaise with storage?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. All our Chaise Sofa set ups come with optional storage perfect for hiding all those secret snacks or any hidden blankets. Want to know how to care for a Chaise Sofa with storage? Read more here.

What colour Chaise Sofas are available?

Chaise Sofas are available in Midnight Blue, Pine Green, Warm Grey and Soft Teal velvet fabric. Order samples here.

How do you clean a Chaise?

With durable, spill resistant and pet friendly fabric, we’ve tried to keep extra care to a minimum. But all sofas need a bit of TLC every then and again, read our full care guide here.

Takeaway Tips

  1. Our Chaise Sofas are available in our The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie collections.
  2. A Chaise Lounge is a sofa long enough to support your legs. They’re available as standalone chairs, corner sofas, sofa beds and daybeds.
  3. We offer optional arms and storage to create the perfect Chaise to suit your space.

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