Unwrap joy and comfort with Christmas Delivery Sofas

Imagine yourself sinking into a cloud on Christmas morning. You’re sipping coffee and watching your loved ones beam as they open their presents. They run and hug you… and you spill your morning brew. But that’s okay because you’re on a Snug. You dab the spill, and it’s gone. Later on, after a crazy day of guests coming and going, you flop onto your Snug and melt into a new realm of cosy as you watch a Christmas movie.

If you want to unwrap this kind of joy and comfort with The Cloud Sundae or The Small Biggie, don’t want for the jingle bells to start. Order yours before October 16th, the magic date to secure your spot on the nice list for pre-Christmas delivery.

And don’t miss a chance to get touchy-feely with our fabric samples. Get ahead of the merry making crowd and discover your ultimate faves with time to spare. Order yours today and get seasonally Snuuuug.

Christmas Delivery Sofas FAQs

How comfortable are Snugs?

The clue’s in the name! Melt away to a new realm of cosy with a Snug from our pre-Christmas delivery range.

When should I order for FREE delivery before Christmas?

If you’ve got your eye on The Cloud Sundae or The Small Biggie, order before October 16th for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery. Other ranges will be available for pre-Christmas delivery until 19th December (for delivery on Friday 22nd).*

How are these sofas delivered?

Snugs are delivered in parts, so you can easily fit them into any space. Pop yours together in minutes without any tools.

Is there a 100 day trial?

Yes! We’re confident that you and your Snug will have a long and happy life together, but we offer a 100 day trial just to make sure.*

Do you offer interest-free finance?

Yes! Get your Christmas delivery sofa with 0% APR.*