Covid-19 Updates

We have some Snugtastic news! Our stores are now open and you can finally meet us in real life again. Of course, safety measures are in place to ensure the wellbeing of all Snuggers. 

Our team is clued up about hygiene, travel and social distancing. Plus, stores are equipped with hand sanitizer and our comfy sofas are being cleaned regularly using alcohol wipes. But if you’d prefer to order online, that’s fine too. We are open for online orders, delivering across the UK so people can get their new Snug sofas. 

Our delivery drivers are regularly washing their hands and well versed at singing happy birthday (twice). Plus, everywhere is being cleaned (all the time)… so we’re all spick and span.

For the safety of you guys and our team, we are happy to offer the “I’ll Build It Myself” no-contact delivery service where the items are delivered kerbside. If you live with someone, we recommend getting help to bring your orders indoors and assembling it. 

Note:  We're experiencing some delays in deliveries on certain Snug bits. Please see the pre-order dates available for delivery on the calendar at check-out.

Snuggier Days ‘Re Comin’

Now, more than ever, our homes should be a place of comfort. We should feel Snug, all day, errry day. But these are uncertain times and it’s normal to ask questions. While we can’t answer questions regarding the science of all this (leave that to the smart people in the labs), we are pretty clued up about all things Snug. If you have queries about home comforts, sofas (obvs), things to do at home… we’re here. 

We are all in this together and we continue to hold the positive mentality of "this too shall pass." In the meantime, connect with us on Instagram at @snugsofa. Feel free to pop us a message if you have any questions… or if you just fancy a little chat. 

Stay happy, stay healthy... stay Snug.