What exactly is a Sofa-in-a-Box?

Using our combined 50 years in the furniture industry, we've reinvented sofas by creating the Sofa-in-a-Box – the solution to fitting your sofa through tight doorways, staircases and spaces!

Each Snug sofa is delivered within days, in perfectly sized boxes, making it easy to get the sofa in and out of your home.

The Sofa-in-a-Box is a high-quality, self-assembly sofa – no tools, no fuss, no confusing instruction manuals! Snuggers are the new generation of sofa shoppers, believing in quality, comfort and convenience all at once – something that went amiss in the industry until now.

Can I try before I buy? 

If you want to flop before you shop, we are here for you. Snug sofas are available to test in our own pop-ups as well as nestled inside ScS loactions and Bridgman showrooms, located across the UK.


Find your nearest store here. 

What if there is no local showroom near me?

We have you covered! Our friendly team of online experts are waiting to advise you on all things sofa related, from modular sofa options to sizing and quality. Simply click here to book a live shopping appointment to answer all your sofa-related questions.

Are Snug sofas left or right hand facing?

Both! Our fully configurable sofas can face either left or right. Still confused? Click here to book a live shopping appointment with our virtual sofa experts.

Can you help me choose a colour?

Of course! We are not only experts in comfort, but in style too. Order free fabric samples for a taster. Our sofa experts are also on hand to give you advice on all things sofa related, click here to book a free online live shopping appointment.

What is the difference between fully modular and configurable?

The Cloud Sundae & The Small Biggie collections are fully modular and configurable, meaning you can build a sofa of any length, L-shaped sofas, U-shaped sofas or chaise configurations! They are connected by an innovative snug-fit lock, making it easy to connect individual pieces. 


The Rebel & The Big Chill collections are configurable. Configurations are connected with a sturdy slide attachment and each requires a corner piece to extend. Click here to find out more about how to build-your-own sofa by booking a consultation with our virtual sofa experts.

Are all Snug sofas fully modular?

No, Snug sofa collections vary.


The Rebel & The Big Chill collections require a corner piece to build a configuration. The Rebel sofa beds are not configurable or modular.


The Cloud Sundae & The Small Biggie collections are fully modular and configurable, meaning that you can build a sofa of any length, L-shaped sofas, U-shaped sofas or chaise configurations. Sofas are connected by an innovative snug-fit lock, making it easy to connect individual pieces. Sofa Beds and Chaises are also fully modular.


Find out more here.

Is there a guarantee included?

Of course! Further to the fab 100 day trial, we offer a 15 year frame guarantee and a 1 year manufacturing fault guarantee. Find out more about our 100 day trial here.

Can I get accidental damage warranty coverage?

Yes! Our products may be naturally stain resistant, but life can throw a lot more than the odd cup of tea and muddy paws at your lovely new SNUG! Find out more about our 5 Year Warranty with the help of Emmira Group here.

Do you offer clearance sofas?

Our perfectly imperfect sofas are available in the Bridgman Enfield store, stock is limited, please contact for specifics. Store details are available here.

Do you offer discounts?

We sometimes offer sofa discounts on limited last chance items and there is also a refer-a-friend loyalty scheme. Click here to read more about how to share with friends.

How does the 100 day trial work? 

We’re confident that you and your Snug sofa will have a long and happy life together, but we offer you our 100 Day Trial just to make sure. This trial applies to UK Mainland ONLY and is subject to the conditions set out below.


Deductions to your refund may apply, please see table below*.


Here’s how our 100 day trial works:

• Your trial starts from the day of delivery (so you receive it on "Day 1"). We’re sure it’ll be love at first sight, so take this time to get well acquainted.

• What’s not to love? If you’re a match made in heaven, then no further action is needed. The sofa is yours for keeps.

• If you do find you’re having teething troubles, you’re able to return your sofa within the 100 days provided that it’s in near-perfect condition and resalable condition. Simply contact us with the subject line 'Order Number X: Return', explaining why you'd like to return your items. We will then arrange a date to pick up your returned items.


*Day of your trial


1 to 30 inclusive


31 to 100 inclusive


1 to 100 inclusive

£150 (if you fail to return the Snug sofa using the original packaging)


Please note the following important conditions apply to the 100 day trial:

  • We do not accept returns under this policy on damaged items (e.g. products that are ripped, torn, marked, soiled, worn or with other defects) where this damage was not caused by us.
  • We do not accept returns on orders where the 100 day trial has already been used against a prior purchase for the same customer.
  • When returning a product, please repack the order in its original boxes - join us in doing your part for the planet. You may use alternative packaging if the original packaging is not available, but you will be deducted £150 from any refund. It is your responsibility to ensure that the returned products are adequately protected and arrive back in a resalable condition before we issue any refund.
  • We do not accept returns when we suspect any dishonesty, misrepresentation or misconduct on your part.

How quickly can I get my delivery?

We aim to be the ‘uber’ of sofa delivery! That's why here at Snug we offer fast and free delivery for UK mainland orders.

Please note that some variations are available sooner than others due to high demand.

For an estimated delivery time, simply add your postcode on the cart to see available dates. Click here to read more about delivery dates and costs outside of the UK mainland.

Can I choose a specific delivery date?

Yes, the soonest available date is pre-selected on the side cart, however, you also have the option to select a date that suits you best, up to 3 months in advance.

How much is delivery?

We offer free UK Mainland delivery from Monday to Friday.

Saturday deliveries are available for £40.

Please click here for more details on delivery costs to different locations.

Can you deliver on weekends?

Delivery options are available on Saturdays.

Do you ship outside the UK?

Unfortunately, at this moment we’re not shipping outside of the UK, but it’s great that you’ve heard the word about the sofa and we hope to be shipping further afield soon! For all Snuggers from the Republic of Ireland, please contact us to discuss shipping options.

Who do I contact about my delivery? 

Your assigned courier will contact you via phone and/or email prior to delivery, for any delivery enquiries, you may contact your assigned courier directly. For any further delivery enquiries, you can contact our Customer Happiness team here.

What does zone 1 mean on shipping method? 

All UK postcodes are grouped into zones in line with our logistics partners, this ensures we get your delivery to you by the soonest available date.

When will I receive notification of my shipment?

Once our logistics partner has processed your order, you will be notified of a delivery time by email and/or text.

How are Snug fabrics spill-resistant & pet friendly?

Snug fabrics are woven using the highest quality, vegan polyester. Our two hard-wearing core fabrics are Snug Performance Velvet and Chenille Polyester. Snug Velvet is known for its sumptuous look and soft touch, featuring a short to medium pile with spill-resistant qualities. Chenille Polyester is a strong synthetic fibre with a soft touch and short pile, easy-care polyester chenille is manufactured to be durable and long lasting, great for four-legged friends and sticky fingers. Boucle requires a more gentle hand with its stylish and beautiful bobbles, take care with excessive rubbing or anything that could snag ths textured fabric.


Still not convinced? Then why not order your free samples here to test out the fabrics for yourself.

How do Snug sofa collections differ in terms of comfort?

The Rebel & The Big Chill collections feature base cushions that are pocket sprung and wrapped in super thick foam for a little bounce when you sit. We consider this to be a 'medium level' of firmness. You can choose between 19"" hardwood legs in brown or black or 12"" brushed metal legs.


The Cloud Sundae & The Small Biggie collections have base cushions that are foam-filled for a 'sink into me' feeling and are self-plumping for none of the faff. Just give them a little fluff from time to time.


We've got a Snug to suit everyone!


However we understand that comfort is subjective, so we offer a 100-day trial and easy, hassle free returns process. If you aren't 100% happy, simply keep your packaging and we'll help you sort an exchange or refund. If you'd like to have a sit for yourself you can visit one of our 5 showrooms across the UK, including our 2 pop-up stores in Leeds & Westfield. Details can be found here.


As always, all of our Snug products are vegan-friendly and made of durable, spill resistant materials.

Are the arms and legs interchangeable?

Yes, in The Rebel & The Big Chill collections! The chunky and flat arms from The Big Chill and the slender arms from The Rebel can be easily swapped. Equally, you can change the brown or black wooden legs with the metal legs whenever you want, giving the appearance of a brand new sofa.

Can I style my sofa without arms?

Yes, but only on The Cloud Sundae & The Small Biggie styles. The brackets that connect the base and arms are hidden, this premium UK-made sofa works both with or without arms. It's also available to buy with or without arms. See more of the Cloud Sundae collection by clicking here, and the Small Biggie collection here.

Is storage available in all collections?

Storage is only currently available in The Cloud Sundae & The Small Biggie collections in the chaise longue and the footstool.

What does 'fully modular' mean? 

The Rebel & The Big Chill sofas are configurable, this means that sofas connect together like Lego pieces with a slide & lock , these collections require a corner piece to expand into any U-shape or L-shape sofa.


The Cloud Sundae & The Small Biggie collections are fully modular, allowing you to extend your sofa lengthways or into an L-shaped or U-shaped sofa to suit your home.

Where can I find the product dimensions? 

All product dimensions and sizes can be found on the individual product pages (you need to scroll down a bit on the page and you will find them along with blueprints!)

What are the Snug sofa back and seat cushions filled with?

The Rebel & The Big Chill collections feature a pocket sprung core on the seating cushions, surrounded by a Dacron wrapped foam (a high-quality polyester fibre that provides a soft and round look), with foam back cushions for low maintenance comfort.


The Cloud Sundae & The Small Biggie collections seat cushions feature a foam interior with a fibre jacket and the back cushions are manufactured using polyester fibre, for a squidgy yet supportive feel.

Are all Snug fabrics equally spill-resistant? 

Snug fabrics are spill-resistant! Our Snug velvets are polyester making them more durable than 'normal' velvets and naturally repellent to liquids and other spills. Our chenille fabric has an added spill resistant coating to give it the same benefits. Boucle is a more of a delicate fabric with all its lovely bobbles, so requires a more gentle hand.


Go on, give them a try by ordering free samples right to your door.

How do I clean up spills on my sofa?

Caring for a sofa has never been easier. Snug sofas are super easy to clean! The composition of Snug fabrics does not allow liquids to seep into the fabric.

However to keep your Snug sofa looking as good as new, we recommend you treat each stain immediately, before it’s fully absorbed.


Here are a few handy tips & tricks:

1. Don’t rub the stain! Carefully soak up any spillages by gently blotting with a clean, dry and absorbent cloth.

2. Clean the stain using a damp cloth with a delicate circular movement, working from the outside towards the centre.

3. Don’t use household detergents or strong chemicals. Before using a specialist upholstery cleaning product, read its instructions and if appropriate, test in a hidden area to make sure it’s compatible.

4. If a spill is oil or grease based, we recommend using a specialist cleaning service.


For more information about caring for your Snug, check out our sofa care guide here.

Are Snug Sofas pet-friendly?

Absolutely! Pets love Snug! Which is great because they're specifically made with messy paws in mind. Our vegan-friendly fabrics come in two options - Snug Velvet and Chenille. Both are excellent for fur babies because they are inherently spill resistant. Mucky paws from outside? Simply use a warm, damp cloth and delicately clean in a circular movement to lift the spot.

The soft rub of all Snug fabrics will most likely have your fur baby claiming their spot on the sofa before you can get to it.

Want to know more about how we make our sofas pet-friendly? Read more on our blog post.

Are the covers machine washable?

Our covers aren't machine washable, however we use spill resistant fabrics on all of our sofas, making spills a breeze to clean. If a spill is oil or grease based, we do recommend using a specialist cleaning service to keep your Snug vibrant and looking as good as new.

What are the differences in comfort between the different collections?

The Rebel & The Big Chill collections feature base cushions that are pocket sprung and wrapped in super thick foam for a little bounce when you sit. We consider this to be a 'medium level' of firmness. You can choose between 19" hardwood legs in brown or black or 12" brushed metal legs.


The Cloud Sundae & The Small Biggie collections have base cushions that are foam-filled for a 'sink into me' feeling and are self-plumping for none of the faff. Just give them a little fluff from time to time.


We've got a Snug to suit everyone!


However we understand that comfort is subjective, so we offer a 100-day trail and easy, hassle free returns process. If you aren't 100% happy, simply keep your packaging and we'll help you sort an exchange or refund. If you'd like to have a sit for yourself you can visit one of our 5 showrooms across the UK, including 2 pop-up stores in Leeds & Westfield. Click here to find your nearest showroom.


As always, all of our Snug products are vegan-friendly and made of durable, spill-resistant materials.

How do you assemble and disassemble a sofa in a box? 

Unlike some flat pack furniture, the Sofa-in-a-Box does not come with confusing instruction manuals, in fact, our sofas are assembled without tools and in minutes. Snug-fit sofa components simply link together, creating a sturdy frame. Collection specific assembly advice is available here.

How does the sofa convert into a bed? 

Snug sofa beds have been designed with both comfort and ease in mind. Simply remove the back and base cushions, pull up on the labelled bar, while sliding the mattress towards you at the same time. Once your sofa bed is unfolded, place the base cushions on the back to cover the gap between the mattress and the sofa back. Layer with sheets and blankets and tuck yourself in.

Do you offer assembly support?

Unfortunately we do not currently offer an assembly service, but this is something we hope to offer in future. The good news is that Snug sofas are designed to be assembled easily, without the use of tools. Click here to see how quickly you can assemble your Snug.

How will I fit my Snug sofa into my home?

Snug sofas are delivered in boxes, each box is small enough to fit through tight spaces, such as narrow staircases, small doorways and into lofts. Click here for more details on box dimensions for each configuration.

Which payment/finance options are available?

Credit Card

We accept all major credit card providers (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro & American Express).



We also accept PayPal.



Prefer to spread the cost? We also offer interest free payment plans with V12 Retail Finance. Click here to find out more.

Which sofas can I get on finance?

We offer finance on orders over £1500 so there will definitely be one (or two) for you!

How do I shop with V12 Retail Finance?

Add your favourite Snug items to your cart and pick ‘Pay with V12’ at checkout. You’ll be redirected to apply for finance on the V12 portal. Fill out all required questions on the application and get a quick response.

Choose your contract length from 12-36 months, pay your 10% deposit today and spread the rest over equal monthly interest free 0% APR finance installments.

Your order is complete! Your remaining payments will be taken automatically from your nominated bank account as per your credit contract with V12 Retail Finance. Easy as that!

Am I eligible for finance?

If you wish to apply for our interest free finance you need to:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Be able to make the 10% deposit by credit or debit card
  • In permanent full (16+ hours per week) or part time employment (16 hours or less a week), self-employed, retired or receive Disability Allowance.
  • Have lived in the UK for at least 36 months and will continue to do so.
  • Have the sofa delivered to your home address on the credit agreement.
  • Have a debit or credit card in your name, which is registered to your address, in order to pay for the deposit (if applicable)
  • Have a Bank or Building Society current account available (you’ll need this to complete the direct debit instruction)

Who is the finance with?

Snug Furniture Limited T/A Snug (Financial Services Register No. 996841) has been added as an Appointed Representative under A. Share & Sons Limited (Financial Services Register No. 673559) which are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Snug Furniture Limited acts as a credit broker, not as a lender.

Snug Furniture Limited uses the following lender:
Secure Trust Bank PLC trading as V12 Retail Finance.
Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Financial Services Register No. 204550). Registered in England and Wales 541132. Registered office: One Arleston Way, Solihull, B90 4LH.
Credit is provided subject to affordability, age and status. Minimum spend applies. Not all products offered by Secure Trust Bank PLC are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Does V12 perform a credit check?

Yes. A credit check is performed to assess your eligibility and affordability.

Signing Up

How do I sign up for the rewards program?

Signing up is easy!

Simply create an account by clicking HERE and enter your name, email, and password. It’s free to join and you will automatically be signed up to receive loyalty emails with insider access to sales, promotions, and all of our newest drops.

What are the advantages of becoming a rewards member?

Our rewards program is a points based program that allows members to earn more perks the more they engage with us. Members receive rewards points for each purchase, that can then be redeemed towards the cost of future purchases.

You also earn points for following us on social media, leaving product reviews, and are even gifted with bonus points on your birthday! In addition to earning points, members get exclusive access to offers, promotions, giveaways and more. You can view the full list of perks on our rewards page.


I already have an account. Do I need to create a new one to earn rewards?

We took care of that for you! All customers with an active account were automatically enrolled in our rewards program. If you have had more than one customer account with us, please note that only one rewards account was created per person.

Where can I find all of my rewards account info?

The rewards page is your roadmap to all your points and perks. You can access all your info by visiting our rewards page HERE.

Will I receive points for purchases I made prior to creating my rewards account?

If you placed an order with us after December 2022, the good news is you can still get the points for those past purchases, pretty nifty right! Make sure to create an account using the email address you used for those past purchases and you can access the points earned previously.

What if I have an old email address or multiple email addresses and want to combine my accounts & earnings?

Contact customer service HERE and our team will be happy to assist you with merging your accounts.

Does it cost anything to begin earning points?

Absolutely not! Sign up is 100% free, and it will never cost you anything to earn points. Make sure to visit the Snug Club page to get started.

Earning & Redeeming

When will I receive points for my order?

You will receive the points for your order once your order has been fulfilled and delivered to you. So don’t worry if they’re not there as soon as you’ve placed your order.

How do I redeem my points?

Exchanging your points for great rewards couldn't be easier! Simply visit the Snug Club page and log in to your account to view all your points. Click the 'Redeem' button to see your rewards options, when you’ve decided which you’d like to redeem, add the items you’d like to purchase to your basket and go to checkout. Here you can select your chosen reward from the drop down box. Please note you cannot redeem loyalty points and another discount code in one transaction.

How do points convert to GBP?

100 points = £10

You will earn 1 point for every £1 you spend. So, if you spend £1000, you'll earn 1000 points which is the equivalent of £100.

What are the easy ways to earn points?

For starters - each member gets a reward just for joining our rewards program. Aside from earning points through purchases, you can add your birthday to your account to earn points on your special day, leave us a product review, sign up for SMS, like us on Facebook and more. Access all the ways to earn under “Ways to earn points” on the rewards page.

Program Limitations

Is there a limit to how many points I can earn?

Nope! That’s the best part about being a rewards member! You will always have an opportunity to earn more points by shopping with us, engaging with our brand and community online, and through seasonal sales.


Can I return my order if I redeemed rewards points for a discount?

Yes. If you are returning the entire order, we will refund you the total GBP amount spent after the discount was applied. The points you used to redeem the discount will also be added back into your rewards account.

I've earned points/VIP tier with my last purchase, but now I want to return it. What will happen to my reward?

If you use your rewards towards a purchase and later decide to return that item, your rewards will be credited back to your rewards account. For example, if you use a £100 coupon towards a £850 purchase that you decide to return, the £750 balance will be refunded to the payment method used and the £100 reward credit will be deposited back into your rewards account.

Reward Expiration

Do points ever expire?

Your points will expire after 2 years of inactivity. Inactivity includes not interacting with our program i.e., redeeming points, placing an order, etc.


Why didn’t I earn points on my purchase?

Double-check you were signed into your rewards account and didn’t accidentally check out as a guest. You must be logged in when making purchases to earn points. If you have done this in error, contact us HERE to help apply your points to your account. You also won’t receive points if you return your purchase or your purchase is canceled for any reason. Please note that any points you earn on a purchase you later return will be deducted from your point balance.

I should have earned points for a purchase/incentive but I didn’t see my account balance change. Did I get credit?

Yes! You work hard to earn points and we want you to feel confident that all of your points are right where they should be.. in your account! The first thing to note is that there may be a delay in our systems communicating and points could take anywhere from minutes to several hours to appear in your account. However, if you feel like you have earned points but they are not showing up in your account you can also troubleshoot it with these tricks:

  1. Try to refresh your browser.

  2. Try to log out and then back into your account.

  3. Check your ‘Rewards history’ in your Rewards account to see if the points were added without you realizing it. Your ‘Rewards history’ will show you the number of points earned, how and when they were earned, as well as any redemptions of points made on your account.

If you still feel like your points balance is not accurate you can contact our team HERE and they will look into the issue for you.

I received an error message when referring friends through the email referral box. What went wrong?

We are sorry to hear that. There are a couple of scenarios that could have triggered the error message.  

The first possible scenario is that there was a mistype in one of the email addresses that you entered or you forgot to put commas between multiple emails to separate them.

To eliminate confusion over what occurred, we recommend that you go back and enter each email address one at a time, clicking ‘send’ after each one rather than uploading them all at once. If you are still having problems using the email referrals we recommend using your unique referral link or sharing the referral through Facebook, Twitter, or Messenger to receive credit. Please contact us HERE if you need further assistance.

I’ve referred several friends but haven’t received any points for it. Is there something else I need to do?

Thank you so much for sharing us with your friends! We really appreciate it.  

Referred friends must be a first time customer in order for both of you to receive the referral rewards. In addition, the referral must be initiated through our rewards referral box on your personal rewards page or through the use of your unique referral link also found there.

Points will be added to your account as soon as your friend completes their first purchase on our website.  

When this happens you will receive an email letting you know that one of your referrals made a purchase using your code and that a reward was added to your account. You can also check your ‘Rewards History’ to see a list of any points that you have received for referrals.

Birthday Reward

How can I get a birthday reward?

Add your birthday under ways to earn points on the Snug Club page HERE. On your birthday we will add 500 points to your account to treat yourself with! If it's within the next 30 days, your reward will be delayed by up to 30 days.

*If we feel someone is trying to manipulate the program, we reserve the right to terminate your account at our discretion.

I signed up for the Birthday Bonus but I didn’t receive it?

Happy Birthday! We’re so glad that you have chosen to celebrate with us through our rewards program. In order for you to receive your birthday bonus on your birthday, you must register your birthday at least 30 days prior to your birthday.  

If your birthday falls between the day that you registered and the 30 day waiting period afterwards, you will receive your birthday bonus 30 days after your registration. This delay is only applicable for the first year that you signed up.  

All successive birthday bonuses will be emailed to you on your birthday. If you register your birthday through your rewards account any time after it has passed in the current calendar year, rewards will not be added to your account until the day of your birthday in the following year.  

If it has been more than 30 days since you registered for your birthday reward and you still have not received the additional points in your account, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.


How do I redeem my rewards at checkout?

To redeem your points in checkout, use the dropdown box directly above your cart total to choose the amount you would like to apply, then click the "APPLY" button.

How do I redeem my rewards points?

Rewards points can be redeemed during the checkout process. Before checking out, ensure that you are signed in to your account.

Once you get to the checkout screen you will see your total available Rewards points above a drop down box above your cart total. To use your rewards, select the reward you would like to redeem on the order you are placing and click apply, then continue with the checkout process.

You must have a minimum balance of at least 1000 points each time you would like to make a redemption, and your order must meet the minimum purchase amount for the reward you are wanting to redeem. You can see full details of the minimum spend for each threshold on our Snug Club page HERE.

Company Registration Number: 14560752
Snug Furniture Ltd (FRN 996841) are an appointed representative of A. Share & Sons trading as ScS (FRN 673559)
Address: 45-49 Villiers Street, Sunderland, England, SR1 1HA

Still not found what you've been looking for?

Looking to buy a Snug sofa?

Book a virtual video appointment with our team of sofa experts. They're armed with product information, sofa assembly knowledge and bespoke modular sofa building experience and advice.


Need ordering advice?

Our customer happiness team are waiting to hear from you! Please contact them to help with general enquiries such as delivery & returns, faulty items or perhaps you would just like to chat.