Our Impact

Our promise to you

Even when Snug was just an idea and a drawing on a whiteboard, we knew that whatever it became we had one goal in mind - to leave the world in a better position than when we found it. It sounds cliché but it is undoubtedly true.


At the heart of what we do, we strive for the ultimate comfort of our Snug community...and what better way to create comfort than by getting behind causes that mean the most to us and sharing the positive impact with all of you. Snug is committed to protecting the wellbeing of our customers, our team and our communities around the world. By listening to our Snug community and working together, we aim to inspire and implement change for a kinder, greener future.


Our greener Solution

We partner with The Eden Reforestation Project, who work with communities around the world to educate and employ local people to produce, plant, protect and conserve native tree species in deforested areas.


The Eden Reforestation Project was started in an African village during a forest restoration project, millions of trees were planted, and this area is now flourishing, feeding and sheltering the local community. To date, Snug has donated over 100,000 trees to support their mission and with the help of our Snug community, that number continues to grow. Since the beginning 384 million trees have been planted and by 2025 the project hopes to plant 500 million trees a month.


Photo by Eden Reforestation Project

100,000 trees planted so far

Snug Products

Snuggers can feel good about where they’re sitting. Our product design team works hard to build the world’s comfiest sofas, sustainably. Snug sofas are made using the highest quality vegan-friendly materials and bum-tested to make sure the comfort is just right.


The wood used to create our hardwood frames and legs come from forests grown from our own manufacturers and your Snug sofa will always arrive in a 100% recyclable box. In 2021, we’re looking at ways to cut down even further on unnecessary packaging and holding all parts of our supply chain to an incredibly high standard.

Please drop us a line to share suggestions on making our business more sustainable.

Supporting CRISIS at Christmas

Every year since our first Christmas in 2019, Snug has partnered with Crisis.


Crisis, the UK’s national charity for homelessness, are on a mission to change lives across the UK, by offering homeless individuals a home for Christmas, essential food, year-round support and friendship. In 2019 we managed to raise enough money to support 138 people and in 2020 we have managed to raise enough money to support eight times as many people.


We will continue to support Crisis in future years and with your help we can make a difference.

The people behind our sofas

There wouldn’t be Snug without the people behind it. So who are the people behind your sofa? Well, they care...a lot. Our team is made up of a diverse group of individuals who embrace creativity, are forever curious, incredibly smart, and have a wicked sense of humour.


Our top priority within Snug HQ is to ultimately support the happiness, growth and development of each and every team member. Just as our goal as a brand is to leave the world a better place than when we started, as a team - we want every Snug family member to leave Snug a better, more well-rounded person.  

A statement from our founder Rob

"I want to ensure that Snug is a vehicle used for positive change. We hope to leave the world in a better state than we found it. We will always consider the social and environmental impact of any decisions we make as a business.

"We will continue our efforts in helping the planet and people... and hopefully, along the way, we will also inspire goodness in others, so they can do the same."




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