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Snug Sofa Fits Into Britain's Smallest House

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We challenged homeowners across the nation to show us their most awkward spaces so we could put The Small Biggie to the test. If the sofa fit, it was theirs to keep, but if it didn’t, we would give them £1,000. That’s how confident we were.

Hundreds of pictures were sent in, and we picked two lucky space savers to rise to the challenge. 

Well the results are in…

Small Biggie 2 - 0 Awkward Spaces

The Small Biggie was challenged by Liz’s tiny 70cm hallway with super steep stairs, and Kate’s low and awkward under stairs alcove. The 3 Seater Sofa easily slipped in and brought big comfort to their small spaces. 

Don’t believe us?

Take a look for yourselves!

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