Snug has done the impossible. For over 400 years, the smallest house in Britain has been unable to fit a sofa. Until now!

Snug’s new sofa collection, The Small Biggie, claims to fit into any space, however awkward. Rob, founder of Snug, said: “It’s one of the most challenging deliveries we’ve ever made, but where better to put it to the test?”

Hundreds of onlookers watched on as Snug made history by fitting the 1.5 Seater Sofa into Britain’s smallest home and assembling it without tools, all in under 20 minutes. Still with an inch to spare?

Inside Britains Smallest House

The house is located in Conwy, Wales and welcomes 55,000 visitors each year.

Jan Tyley, the current owner, was in disbelief: “I told Snug multiple times, there’s no chance a sofa will get in there. I even measured up and drafted a floor plan for them.”

With only a metre of floor space inside the home, it previously only had a small corner table in the room which tripled up as a living room, kitchen and toilet.

We challenged homeowners across the nation to show us their most awkward spaces so we could put The Small Biggie to the test. If the sofa fit, it was theirs to keep, but if it didn’t, we would give them £1,000. That’s how confident we were.

Hundreds of pictures were sent in, and we picked two lucky space savers to rise to the challenge.

Well the results are in…

Small Biggie 2 - 0 Awkward Spaces

The Small Biggie was challenged by Liz’s tiny 70cm hallway with super steep stairs, and Kate’s low and awkward under stairs alcove. The 3 Seater Sofa easily slipped in and brought big comfort to their small spaces.

Don’t believe us?

Take a look for yourselves!

At Snug, size doesn’t matter...

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Daniel Power

    "Narrow boat? Challenge accepted! Eilish and Daniel’s unique living space looks great with their new Snug. After previously trying a competitor, they told us that the quality and comfort of a Snug beats them all."

Ellie Beesley - thenovicesnextdoor

    “Ellie’s winding attic staircase was no match for our modular sofa. Her Snug easily got up there, and she loves that the smart, gorgeous design also gives her the freedom to switch it up and move it into the living room later.”

Liz Kessler

    "Liz and Laura thought there was no chance that they could get a sofa into their Canal boat. Then they discovered Snug and their lovely 3-Seater not only fitted in with ease but looks perfect on board. Even Lowen (their dog) agrees."

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