Cloud Sundae Corner Sofas

The Cloud Sundae Corner Sofa is the most premium and flexible sofa you’ll ever come across. Premium because we use only the best 100% vegan and stain-resistant velvet - flexible because our sofas are fully modular for endless configuration options; anything is possible - the sky is the limit! Fancy a 20-foot long sofa? No problem! Dream of transforming your corner sofa into a cushiony sofa bed for movie marathons and lucky guests? We’ve got you…

Our best selling Configurations

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Large Corner


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The Cloud Sundae Corner Sofa

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Got a question?

What is a modular sofa?

Snug’s modular sofas allow you to create endless shapes and sizes from separate sofa components. For example, you can turn a 3 Seater into a corner sofa simply by slotting on a Snug Corner Unit or Chaise, and any other Sofas and Snugglers you want, without the need of tools. Creating your dream sofa has never been easier.

What makes The Cloud Sundae Corner Sofa so special?

The Cloud Sundae collection features the UK's most premium flexible sofas. They are fully modular, meaning you can create any shape and size with no limits, linking any of the components together. Our other collections also feature modular features but not to this degree!

What if I can’t find the sofa configuration I want?

Can’t find your dream configuration? Fret not! Simply get in touch with our corner sofa experts who are on hand to map out each component you need for your ultimate Snug sanctuary.

Can The Cloud Sundae sofas face both left and right? 

Of course! The Cloud Sundae collection is fully modular, meaning you can configure your sofa in a box to any shape you - and your home - require.

Which components are included with each modular sofa?

That's completely up to you! Your modular could include 3 seater sofas, 2 seater sofas, snugglers, sofa beds, corner units, chaise... the sky's the limit! Either pick one of our popular configurations or create your own. 

Where is the storage on The Cloud Sundae sofas?

We know how important maximising your living space is, so we’ve designed each component (other than the Corner Units) with optional storage. Don’t forget to check out our matching Cloud Sundae Footstools for additional space-saving!

Can’t find your dream configuration?

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