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Snuggle. Chill. Repeat.  Enjoy fast delivery on this oh-so-comfy self-assembly corner sofa. 

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How do you assemble a flat-pack corner sofa?

It’s really simple and no tools are needed! Check out how to assemble Snug sofas here. Try to get one of your mates to help you out.

Will my sofa soften up over time?

Yes! Just like a pair of new jeans, your sofa needs to be worn in. It may feel a little firm at first but don't worry, give it some seat loving and over time, it will soften up and be as comfortable as ever.

What if the colour I want is out of stock?

Fill in this form and be among the first to find out when it’s back!

Can you build my new Snug modular sofa for me?

Unfortunately, we aren’t offering this service due to covid-19.

How comfy is The Big Chill Corner Sofa?

Made with spring pockets and foam fibre, it’s soooo comfy you won’t want to leave it (hence the ‘Chill’ factor). Don’t believe us? Just check out our glowing reviews!

Can I customise any size and shape I want?

Choose any L shape or U shape variation listed or contact us if you want something a little different.

Can I turn a Sofa or Snuggler into a Corner Sofa?

Snug sofas can grow with you. All products in The Big Chill Collection can join together to form an L shaped corner sofa or U shape. Once you have the sofas you love, just grab yourself the corner component and Bob’s your uncle!

Can I try it out in person?

Yes! Come meet us for real. Head to your nearest Snug store. But if you can’t make it, don’t worry - you can enjoy a 30 day trial.

How many boxes does it come in?

This depends on the corner sofa variation you go for. Please click on ‘Dimensions’ at the top of the page for more info!

What are the fabrics like? Are they easy to clean?

Snug sofas are made from the best quality materials and easy-care fabrics. Our polyester fabrics have stain-resistant coatings and our velvet is much more forgiving than others of its kind. Watch this video of us cleaning a dark stain from Taupe Velvet and read our care guide for more tips!

What’s the best fabric if I have kids or pets?

If you’re worried about fluff, spills and marks, we’d recommend going for our stain-resistant polyester fabrics (Blush Coral, Mid Grey and Teal). But if you go for the velvet, we recommend getting a lint roller to help clean off the bits of the day.

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Don't worry about spills, our sofas are made of easy-care materials.



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