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NEW! The World's First Sofa Bed in a Box.
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Is it a 3 Seater Sofa?

The World’s First Sofa Bed in a Box is a 3 Seater Sofa - the same size as The Rebel 3 Seater Sofa.

What are the dimensions of the Sofa Bed?

As a Sofa, the dimensions are 206cm x 90cm x 93cm and as a bed, it comfortably houses queen size bedding. The mattress is 135cm x 182cm.

Does the Sofa Bed assemble easily?

Yes! Just like our other high-quality flat-pack furniture options, the Sofa Bed comes in easy to manage boxes and quickly assembles to make your new sofa. Your Sofa Bed will also come with super-easy instructions on how to pull out the bed.

What is the base and mattress made of?

The base of the Sofa Bed is a vinyl webbing with spring support and a pocket sprung mattress for extra comfort. You can basically feel Snug, 24/7!

Will you offer more colours of the Sofa Bed?

We may bring out more colours at a later date, but for now, it comes in three gorgeous colours - Navy Velvet, Forest Green Velvet, and Mid Grey.

Can I turn my Rebel Sofa into a Sofa Bed?

Unfortunately not, this is a stand alone product.

Can I turn it into a corner sofa at a later date?

The Sofa Bed has a deeper base to house the mattress, so it doesn’t connect to other Snug products.

What are the sofa fabrics like to clean?

Our quality, easy-care fabrics are a dream as they have stain-resistant coatings and the smooth velvet is very forgiving. Watch this video of us cleaning Taupe Velvet after a spill.

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