Snug... even better in real life

free UK delivery in days

free UK delivery in days

Get your sofa delivered faster than Santa’s sleigh!

no tight squeezes

no tight squeezes

Fits any doorway and staircase but not down chimneys!

easy to build

easy to build

Spend time putting up the tree not building your sofa

add & extend

add & extend

Fit more bums on seats this Christmas

say goodbye to Sofa Suffering with Snug

Sofas designed to fit any awkward space

Add & extend for extra bums on seats

Delivery so fast you'll sneeze

SNUG me now

sofas designed for every space

Available for next day delivery

Fits into awkward spaces & windy staircases

Fully modular and re-configurable

Low monthly payments
Financing available with 0% interest

as seen in

"Quality materials and delivered in a box - but you'd never know!"

"Waiting weeks for a sofa is now a thing of the past."

"Snug is set to revolutionize small-space living"

"Snug's build-it-yourself sofas are genius."

"Better for your bottom" Katrina Burroughs

Snug’s fave colours

Choose between contemporary and classic colours, available in spill-resistant chenille, woven and velvet fabrics.

see why thousands have joined the Snug family

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