This is a Sofa in a Box (well, it was)

High-quality sofas, fast & free delivery, assembled in minutes - no tools required!

Stain Resistant

Don't worry if you spill your morning cuppa, Snug sofas are made using the best quality, easy-care, stain-resistant materials. 

Sturdy Springs

Time to snooze! Our self-assembly sofas are made with pocket springs, making them oh-so-comfy to lounge on.

Super Supportive

The kids will love jumping on your new Snug sofa. Our flat-packed furniture is high-quality, sturdy and supportive.

Strong Legs

Our sofa legs are sturdy and strong. Once you pop them into place, they’re there to stay (well, until you wanna take the sofa apart - which is as easy as putting it together).

Let's Netflix & Snug

With 50+ combined years makin' furniture, we decided to change the rules. We dreamed up the Sofa in a Box – high-quality, comfy sofas; fast 'n' free delivery; fits through tight spaces AND take minutes to assemble, no tools required! If only Ross from Friends were here now.

Why you'll love Snug



Don't worry about the kids dropping pizzas, our sofas are stain resistant.



Assemble your Sofa in a Box in the same time it takes to make a cuppa.



We want you to feel Snug. If you're not feeling it (unlikely), simply return!

Snug levels of comfort

Our self-assembly sofas are so comfy and high-quality, it's no wonder why there are already thousands of Snuggers lovin' their Sofa in a Box. 

Fits Through Tight Spaces, Easy Assembly

"As snug as a bug in a rug"