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January 6, 2023

How to Get a Sofa Through Your Door

So, you may have recently heard from our survey that 1 in 3 people in the UK have issues fitting a sofa into their homes and more than half of Londoners know the struggle all too well.


Now… if you’re reading this article, you might be one of them. Perhaps you’re even reading this from a cardboard box in your living room while your new couch is waiting miserably outside.


Don’t worry… it’ll be indoors soon. Join us as we explore ways to fit a sofa into your home.

1. Ask your pals to help… and PIVOT!

Unless you’re a bodybuilder, you probably need some help carrying your new sofa into your home, especially if you have to carry it up the stairs, through awkward hallways and a narrow door. Ask your friends to lend a hand and navigate it. Make sure you remove the cushions and just carry each section at a time.

We’re sorry but without seeing your home, we can’t say exactly how to carry it, but you may have to go vertically or horizontally. Just please be careful not to scrap it against the walls and ceilings.

2. Dismantle the door

We hope you measured your door frame against the sofa dimensions. Oh, you did? That’s great! Well, the chances are you’ll still have issues fitting the couch through your door. (Sorry.)


Why? Because often the door frame gets in the way even when the width matches up. This means you’ll have to dismantle the door and carry it through.

3. Give up on the door altogether

In our UK survey, we found that 4% resorted to carrying their sofas through the window instead of going through the door, and 1% even knocked out their walls. Now, we don’t really recommend this… just imagine the bills! So, that takes us to our final tip…


4. Get a sofa that’s delivered in parts

And by a sofa, we mean SNUUUUG. These utterly comfortable bad boys fit anywhere because they’re delivered in parts, meaning you can easily carry them through every nook and cranny. Assemble and disassemble indoors easily without any tools. Simple, right?


And there you have it! Never struggle to fit a new sofa into your home again.


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