Found yourself musing, “what’s the best sofa to go for” until you’re blue in the face and no less confused? It’s a big investment and something that comes with a lot of considerations.

Let’s be real, whether you like to admit it or not, you spend a lot of time on your sofa, right? Sipping, slurping, snuggling, smooching, snoozing… We know how it is, and we know that it can get a little overwhelming searching for the dream seating scenario.

So, don’t worry, we’ve put together this buying guide to make your decision easier and to ensure that your new sofa meets your lifestyle.


Main Considerations When Buying a Sofa

Choose a sofa style that you’re drawn to. Fancy yourself as a mid-century muse? Opt for The Rebel collection. Modern mooching more your thing? Take a seat on The Big Chill. Perhaps you're more into modern but with the ‘sink into me’ feeling, in which case the fully modular Cloud Sundae collection is calling your name. Have you got limited space? Looking for the same marshmallowy feel of The Cloud Sundae? Our new Small Biggie collection was designed for you. Need utimate flexibility to build and grow, with options to include side table instead of an arm? The life-sized Lego Maverick collection has your name on it.


Whatever your aesthetic, our sofas are modular and can fit into any corner of your life. What’s more, you can customise the size, configuration, orientation and even the types of legs or arms, so they really can fit into your ideal world and grow with you. Have we got you excited about the limitless layouts available? Keep on reading, there’s plenty more where that came from!

At Snug, we're all about comfort. The clue’s in the name, right? You should consider what kind of sofa you want in terms of how it feels. Do you prefer a sofa with a little bounce when you sit? Then you should opt for The Big Chill or The Rebel. Or do you prefer to sink into a couch? If so, you should discover a new realm of cosy with The Cloud Sundae or The Small Biggie. The perfect mid point is The Maverick, you'll get all of the Snug comfort and support.

Measure your space to get an idea for what you’re playing with and leave enough room to walk around comfortably – it can be snug, but no one wants it to be a squeeze!


Luckily for you though, you don’t need to lose any sleep worrying about measurements. We know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our modular options will fit into any space, and with the flexibility of different configurations, you can find the perfect size sofa for your needs.


Think your space could expand over time? Snug can become part of the family and can grow alongside your house moves and life’s little additions. Simply pop on a corner unit, or add in a new chaise, and you can create the arrangement of your dreams.


All our dimensions/sizes can be found if you scroll down each individual product page.

There’ll be no disappointment on the delivery day from us. Luckily for you, our sofas are delivered in parts so they can easily fit through all sorts of spaces. Pretty nifty, hey? Oh, and the assembly is super easy too - but more on that later.

Our boxes themselves are pretty neatly packed, so if you do want to transport to the right spot without unpacking first, we’ve got the lowdown on individual box sizes here.

Pick a material that suits you and your lifestyle (dogs, kids, wine spillages, the mishap list goes on!), and opt for a colour that makes your heart sing. The good news is that all of our fabrics are spill resistant, vegan friendly and durable. You can choose between Velvet, Boucle, Chenille Polyester, Woven Polyester in a range of popular colours.


Find out more and order your free fabric samples here.

Sofa Types

All of our sofas are modular with the exception of The Rebel Sofa Bed. Configure your Snug sofa however you wish and create a comfy combination that works for your needs.

The Rebel and The Big Chill sofas can be joined together with The Corner Unit to make an L or U shaped corner sofa.

The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie collections are fully modular so you can build a sofa of any size and shape. Want to create the world's longest sofa? Go for it!

One of our best-selling modular sofas, in fact, is the 4.5 Seater Sofa which is made up of a 3 Seater Sofa and 1.5 Seater Snuggler.

CPerfect for when you don’t want to overwhelm a room with large furniture, Snugglers still give you a big, enveloping armchair to hunker down in. Sometimes known as loveseats, too, there’s a lot to love about these 1.5 Seaters. Available in all collections. Read our snuggler buying guide for more.

CoCompact and perfectly formed, our 2 Seater Sofas have double seat cushions and double back cushions, and are great for couples, smaller spaces or for combining with another larger sofa. Available in all collections.

Make yourself at home and stretch your legs out on a 3 Seater Sofa or comfortably share with your loved ones. They have 2 long bum and back cushions and work well paired with other size pieces. Available in all collections.

One of the most versatile arrangements for larger spaces, our modular corner sofas can be assembled in an L shaped or U shaped formation. Snug corner sofas can also face left or right, simply decide as you assemble. Tuck it into a corner if your room is on the smaller side, but benefit from being able to have the whole gang cuddled up in one space. Check out our corner sofa buying guide for more!

Another expert in peak versatility, our Sofa Beds look just like a normal sofa in the day but can transform into a bed for your guests come the evening time. They are an ideal solution for smaller homes if spare bedroom space is limited.

The pull-out sofa bed in The Rebel collection is available in Grey, Forest Green Velvet, Navy Velvet and Teal.

The Cloud Sundae Sofa Bed which is fully modular and flexible. You can even assemble a corner sofa bed with storage. The Small Biggie Sofa Bed has all the same features as The Cloud Sundae, just with a smaller footprint and slimmer arms.

Read our sofa bed buying guide for more!

Perfect for lounging around, a Chaise Sofa is a sofa combined with a chaise longue, distinctive due to its L-shape and space to kick back. They can come in different sizes, depending on your needs and space, and you can even get the longue as a stand-alone product if you fancy. Read our chaise sofa buying guide for more!

All of our collections have a footstool to match. Like the couches, the sofa footstools are smooth, durable and spill resistant. Read our footstool buying guide here.

If you're looking for a sofa with storage, look no further than The Small Biggie and The Cloud Sundae collection.

Collection Comparison

Mid Century Modern blue sofa with black wooden legs in a living room

The Rebel

Featuring sturdy, mid-century design and deep-hugging seats, The Rebel has removable, spill-resistant cushions, slender arms and wooden brown or black tapered legs. It shares the same base as The Big Chill and has interchangeable arms and legs (so you can switch up the two designs).

The Big Chill

Love to balance your cuppa on the arm of the sofa? Well, The Big Chill features wonderfully chunky, flat and wide arms, so it is made for doing just that. With spill resistant, smooth fabric too, it’s all about the comfort without the concern here.