Sofa Buying Guide

This guide will help you choose the perfect sofa.

Found yourself musing, “what’s the best sofa to go for” until you’re blue in the face and no less confused? It’s a big investment and something that comes with a lot of considerations.


Let’s be real, whether you like to admit it or not, you spend a lot of time on your sofa, right? Sipping, slurping, snuggling, smooching, snoozing… We know how it is, and we know that it can get a little overwhelming searching for the dream seating scenario.


So, don’t worry, we’ve put together this buying guide to make your decision easier and to ensure that your new sofa meets your lifestyle.


Main Considerations When Buying a Sofa

Choosing the Right Type and Style

Choose a sofa style that you’re drawn to. Fancy yourself as a mid-century muse? Opt for The Rebel collection. Modern mooching more your thing? Take a seat on The Big Chill. Perhaps you're more into modern but with the ‘sink into me’ feeling, in which case the fully modular Cloud Sundae collection is calling your name. Have you got limited space? Looking for the same marshmallowy feel of The Cloud Sundae? Our new Small Biggie collection was designed for you. Need utimate flexibility to build and grow, with options to include side table instead of an arm? The life-sized Lego Maverick collection has your name on it.


Whatever your aesthetic, our sofas are modular and can fit into any corner of your life. What’s more, you can customise the size, configuration, orientation and even the types of legs or arms, so they really can fit into your ideal world and grow with you. Have we got you excited about the limitless layouts available? Keep on reading, there’s plenty more where that came from!


At Snug, we're all about comfort. The clue’s in the name, right? You should consider what kind of sofa you want in terms of how it feels. Do you prefer a sofa with a little bounce when you sit? Then you should opt for The Big Chill or The Rebel. Or do you prefer to sink into a couch? If so, you should discover a new realm of cosy with The Cloud Sundae or The Small Biggie. The perfect mid point is The Maverick, you'll get all of the Snug comfort and support.

Size and Space

Measure your space to get an idea for what you’re playing with and leave enough room to walk around comfortably – it can be snug, but no one wants it to be a squeeze!


Luckily for you though, you don’t need to lose any sleep worrying about measurements. We know that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our modular options will fit into any space, and with the flexibility of different configurations, you can find the perfect size sofa for your needs. If you’re working with a particularly cosy corner, our Accent Chairs are the smallest option.


Think your space could expand over time? Snug can become part of the family and can grow alongside your house moves and life’s little additions. Simply pop on a corner unit, or add in a new chaise, and you can create the arrangement of your dreams.


All our dimensions/sizes can be found if you scroll down each individual product page.


There’ll be no disappointment on the delivery day from us. Luckily for you, our sofas are delivered in parts so they can easily fit through all sorts of spaces. Pretty nifty, hey? Oh, and the assembly is super easy too - but more on that later.

Our boxes themselves are pretty neatly packed, so if you do want to transport to the right spot without unpacking first, we’ve got the lowdown on individual box sizes here.

Colour and Material

Pick a material that suits you and your lifestyle (dogs, kids, wine spillages, the mishap list goes on!), and opt for a colour that makes your heart sing. The good news is that all of our fabrics are spill resistant, vegan friendly and durable. You can choose between Velvet, Boucle, Chenille Polyester, Woven Polyester in a range of popular colours.


Find out more and order your free fabric samples here.


Sofa Types

What is a Modular Sofa?

All of our sofas are modular with the exception of The Rebel Sofa Bed. Configure your Snug sofa however you wish and create a comfy combination that works for your needs.

The Rebel and The Big Chill sofas can be joined together with The Corner Unit to make an L or U shaped corner sofa.

The Cloud Sundae, The Small Biggie and The Maverick collections are fully modular so you can build a sofa of any size and shape. Want to create the world's longest sofa? Go for it!

One of our best-selling modular sofas, in fact, is the 4.5 Seater Sofa which is made up of a 3 Seater Sofa and 1.5 Seater Snuggler.

What are Snugglers?

Perfect for when you don’t want to overwhelm a room with large furniture, Snugglers still give you a big, enveloping armchair to hunker down in. Sometimes known as loveseats, too, there’s a lot to love about these 1.5 Seaters. Available in all collections. Read our snuggler buying guide for more.

2 Seater Sofas

Compact and perfectly formed, our 2 Seater Sofas have double seat cushions and double back cushions, and are great for couples, smaller spaces or for combining with another larger sofa. Available in all collections.

3 Seater Sofas

Make yourself at home and stretch your legs out on a 3 Seater Sofa or comfortably share with your loved ones. They have 2 long bum and back cushions and work well paired with other size pieces. Available in all collections.

What are Corner Sofas?

One of the most versatile arrangements for larger spaces, our modular corner sofas can be assembled in an L shaped or U shaped formation. Snug corner sofas can also face left or right, simply decide as you assemble. Tuck it into a corner if your room is on the smaller side, but benefit from being able to have the whole gang cuddled up in one space. Check out our corner sofa buying guide for more!

What are Sofa Beds?

Another expert in peak versatility, our Sofa Beds look just like a normal sofa in the day but can transform into a bed for your guests come the evening time. They are an ideal solution for smaller homes if spare bedroom space is limited.


The pull-out sofa bed in The Rebel collection is available in Stone and Biscuit Chenille. In The Big Chill, you can get a sofa bed in Oatmeal recycled woven, Olive, Blue Steel and Pine Green velvet.


The Cloud Sundae Sofa Bed which is fully modular and flexible. You can even assemble a chaise corner sofa bed with storage. The Small Biggie Sofa Bed has all the same features as The Cloud Sundae, just with a smaller footprint and slimmer arms.

Read our sofa bed buying guide for more!

What is a Chaise Sofa?

Perfect for lounging around, a Chaise Corner Sofa is a sofa combined with a chaise longue, distinctive due to its L-shape and space to kick back. They can come in different sizes, depending on your needs and space, and you can even get the longue as a stand-alone product if you fancy. Read our chaise sofa buying guide for more!

Sofa footstools

All of our collections have a footstool to match. Like the couches, the sofa footstools are smooth, durable and spill resistant. Read our footstool buying guide here.

Sofas with storage

If you're looking for a sofa with storage, look no further than the footstool and chaise unit in The Small Biggie and The Cloud Sundae collections.


Collection Comparison

The Rebel

Featuring sturdy, mid-century design and deep-hugging seats, The Rebel has removable, spill-resistant cushions, slender arms and wooden brown or black tapered legs. It shares the same base as The Big Chill and has interchangeable arms and legs (so you can switch up the two designs).

The Big Chill

Love to balance your cuppa on the arm of the sofa? Well, The Big Chill features wonderfully chunky, flat and wide arms, so it is made for doing just that. With spill resistant, smooth fabric too, it’s all about the comfort without the concern here.

The Cloud Sundae

Fully modular, the modern and stylish Cloud Sundae collection is one of our most flexible arrangements, designed for real homes and real lives. You will sink into the marshmallow-like sofas and discover a new realm of cosy. These sofas are designed with storage options and you can build any shape or size.

The Small Biggie

Sharing the same flexible, modular features of the plush, plump Cloud Sundae, The Small Biggie gives you everything you need. BIG comfort in small spaces. Its slim arms guarantee that it will fit into any awkward space without hassle. Aswell as being fully modular, you can switch up your look at any time by removing or swapping the arms, allowing the Small Biggie to grow with you.

The Maverick

Like life-sized Lego in sofa form, The Maverick is a UK-made modular sofa that can come in any size. From 3-seater couches to large corner sofas, browse our best-selling configurations or get in touch for your custom build. You can even opt for an open-ended chaise or side table instead of sofa arms. What better spot for your morning cuppa?


What Does Modular Mean?

grey modular sofa

If you want a 20-ft sofa or full-on cinema den, modular means that you can create this at the click of your fingers. Effortlessly combine any of the individual components of the modular sofas to create endless shapes and sizes. You can even interchange the design depending on your mood. Fancy yourself something U-shaped or want to go for a huge corner arrangement, go for it!

Want to know more about what modular means? Check it out on our blog here.


And if you do want to customise your own sofa or have a configuration that’s not on the site, set up a Video Consultation with one of our comfort experts.


Ready, Set, Assemble!

As simple as piecing together a children’s jigsaw, the assembly and disassembly of our modular sofas is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and doesn’t even require tools!


Each sofa comes complete with click, clip and lock systems ready in place for you to pop each component together. Not much of a bookworm? You’ll be pleased to hear that there’s no need for any complicated, wordy manuals but for clear and comprehensive assembly visuals, check out our assembly instructions.


Meet Our Fabric Family

When it comes to styling your Snug, it can be hard to narrow down what colour or material you fancy, right? Fear not, request a free sample of any fabric you’ve got your eye on.


Colour match it to your existing space or see how it vibes with your dream design room. Think about whether you have high traffic areas that would benefit from a darker, more forgiving shade, or whether you want to go neutral so that you can change your interior as often as your hairstyle. Looking for some inspiration? Check out our gallery here with customer photos uploaded with the hashtag #snugsofa.


You might have guessed already that we’re all about ease, worry-free worlds and stress-free sustainability. That’s why our fabrics are child and pet-friendly, built with sticky fingers, cumbersome claws and wine-spills in mind. Got a clear design vision in mind? Go bold and statement with your colour choice!

If you ask us, fabric sofas are the most inviting of them all, enveloping you in soft cosiness like one big hug. But there’s still plenty of decision making to be had about which fabric you choose to go for…


Snug Velvet

Known for its sumptuous look and soft pile, velvet will add a touch of luxury to any space. Although it’s more delicate than other hard wearing fabrics, our polyester version is functional as well and features a short to medium pile that is slightly furry to the touch. With spill-resistant qualities and tougher than normal velvets, you don’t have to sacrifice looks for practicality. So, not only will you want to stare at it all day, you’ll want to cosy on up to its softness too.


Chenille Polyester

There are a lot of perks to polyester and (well, in our case, anyway!) it doesn’t mean it’s any less beautiful - hence we use it on everything! A strong synthetic fibre, our soft touch, easy-care polyester chenille is manufactured to be durable and long lasting so it’s great for four-legged friends and wandering mitts. It is short pile, and soft to the touch, and is easy-cleaning with a resistance to fading, wrinkling and abrasion.


Woven Polyester

This soft woven fabric will have you feeling good inside and out knowing that it's made from recycled plastic bottles! That's right, you can sit comfortably knowing this easy-care polyester fabric is long lasting and doing it's part to save the environment.


Want to know more about how we make our sofas pet-friendly? Head on over to our detailed blog post to hear about why we don’t have an open weave, how you can wipe away pawprints and why our furniture is less likely to snag. Because no one wants a saggy, snaggy Snug now, do they?


Comfort is King


Like a new pair of jeans, your sofa needs to be worn in... and once it is, you are guaranteed to discover a new realm of cosy.

Some might say it’s what’s inside that counts, and the same can be said for our sofas – they’ve got a wonderful soul. Here’s a lowdown of the make-up of our individual collections...

Rebel & Big Chill

If you like a good middle-ground sofa, something with a bit of squish but also with a solid level of support, then The Big Chill and The Rebel collections are the match for you. So, what’s on the inside?


  • A pocket sprung core on the seating cushions, surrounded by a dacron wrapped foam (a high-quality polyester fibre that provides a soft and round look)
  • Supported by an S sprung base
  • Foam back cushions for low maintenance comfort


Finding it a little uptight to start off with? Don’t worry, our Rebel and Big Chill collection will soften and loosen up once they get to know you a little better! They just need a few weeks to settle in.

Cloud Sundae & Small Biggie

For a sink in and softer sofa, The Cloud Sundae or The Small Biggie is perfect for enveloping yourself within the cosy folds of sumptuous material. These collections have a deeper seat, making them a perfect sofa to tuck your feet up and chill! Inside, you’ll find:


  • The seat cushions have a foam interior with a fibre jacket, our vegan take on a feather-feel sofa
  • The back cushions are polyester fibre, so they are squidgy but supportive


Because we've made these cushions soft as a marshmallow, make sure to give them a little love after a long Netflix binge session. A little plumping will go a long way to keep your cushions feeling like new.

Oh, and while you’re cosy and content on your lovely lounger, you can feel good about where you’re sitting, too. With vegan-friendly materials and hardwood frames grown in our manufacturers own forests, we’re working towards a kinder, greener future.

Meet us in Person

Want to see us in real life? You can flop before you shop by visiting us in-store. We are nestled inside Bridgman showrooms and select ScS locations.

50 Regent Street, Cheltenham GL50 1HA

82 Lockfield Avenue,
Enfield, ENJ 7PX

Victoria Gate, East Gate, Leeds LS2 7AU

7 Whielden Street, Old Amersham, Buckinghamshire, HP7 0HT

53A Calverley Road, Royal Tunbridge Wells, TN1 2TU

22-24 Brassey House, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 1QD

1-3 Bank Square, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 1AN

10 City Rd, Winchester SO23 8SD

6, Middlebrook Retail Park The Linkway Bolton, Lancashire BL6 6JA

Gallagher Retail Park, Stoney Standon Road Coventry, Warwickshire CV6 5QE

Unit 8, Metro Retail Park Gateshead, Tyne and wear, NE11 9XU

Birkenshaw Industrial Estate Rannoch Road Uddingston, Lanarkshire G71 5PR

Not able to visit? No worries! You can book time for a virtual consultation with one of our showroom advisors who are on hand to walk you through virtually and test out the sofa squishiness on your behalf!

Delivery & 100 day trial

Is the anticipation all too much? Don’t worry; we won’t keep you waiting long for your new pride and joy.


Throughout the week, we offer free UK Mainland daytime delivery, so simply book your time slot and get ready to sit back and relax. Can’t commit in the week? If the weekend suits you better, we also offer Saturday delivery for £40. Basically, once you get to the checkout, you’ll be able to select your preferred date on the calendar. It’s as easy as that! For orders outside of the UK Mainland and for more detailed information, take a look at our designated delivery page.


You will have 100 days from your delivery date to decide if Snug if for you and if it's not, you can simply arrange a collection and refund, no faff! Take a look at our returns page for more.


Your Care Commitments

It’s part of the family now, so taking care of your new sofa is an important aspect of your investment. We know you all lead busy lives, so here are a few simple tips on care information to help you on your way:

  • Avoid positioning your sofa in direct sunlight or too near heat sources, as this may cause fading.
  • Try not to drag the furniture as this could damage the legs or frame.
  • Treat any stains immediately before it’s fully absorbed, and don’t rub! Carefully soak up any spillage by gently blotting with a clean, dry and absorbent cloth. Then, using a damp cloth and with a delicate circular movement, work from the outside towards the centre.
  • Don’t use household detergents or strong chemicals.


For more detailed information, you’ll find everything you need to know about caring for your comfies in our detailed care guide.


Takeaway Tips

  • Modular arrangements can seamlessly slot into your lifestyle and create the sofa of your dreams.
  • Delivered in parts, you can easily carry Snug sofas through tight spaces.
  • The sofas can be assembled easily without any tools.
  • Got a cosy living room? Consider a sofa bed to really maximise on sleeping arrangements when you’re entertaining.
  • Think about the future. Our storage options mean your sofa can work hard for you when life starts getting fuller.

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