We’ve got your back (and bum) covered, and that’s why we’ve put this handy sofa care guide together! Find out everything from how to wipe off a spill to how to plump your cushions to ensure that your sofa keeps you comfortable.

Keeping up appearances

For day to day upkeep, here are a few nifty tips and tricks to keep your lovely lounger looking fresh forever.

  • Regularly clean with your vacuum curtain attachment (the one with a lint-catching fabric strip) or a lint roller to stop dust build up. This will keep the colour from dulling over time, too!
  • Try to keep your sofa away from direct sunlight, and not too close to heat sources, as this can cause fading.
  • Place your sofa on level flooring to avoid rocking and damaging the frame.
  • Make sure you don’t drag your sofa around and lift instead.
  • Pop some little soft foot pads on for them to wear so that they don’t damage your floors. Sofa socks!
  • We like to keep our products as green and environmentally friendly as possible, so we're not fans of strong chemicals and household detergents.
  • If you use a specialist cleaning product, do a sneaky patch test in a hidden area first to avoid marking or staining.

Pet peeves

Got yourself a pampered pooch that likes to spend all their time on the sofa? The design naturally limits snagging, but occasionally some deeper scratches may show.

  • A bit of gentle teasing will calm the pile back into position. Give it a little pamper session by dampening the scratch and brushing it with a stiff clothes brush to put the pile back into place.
  • Hairdryers at the ready! Not quite, but finish off with a blast of the vacuum.
  • Read more about our pet friendly sofas on our blog

Fabric favours

Our ethically-sourced fabrics utilise synthetic fibres that are durable and more resistant to staining than natural fibres (yes, even the Snug velvet!). With the correct care, your sofa should provide years of snuggly comfort. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.

  • Fabric looking a little bruised on opening? It’s just from boxing up and will be back to normal before you know it!
  • If your sofa feels a bit firm for the first few weeks, do not fear! Like a new pair of jeans, your sofa needs to be worn in... and once it is, you are guaranteed to discover a new realm of cosy.
  • You might notice some folds forming over time. This is known as a 'puddling' effect and is to be expected in all good quality fabric as it matures with use. We suggest playing a few games of musical chairs so that the furniture wears evenly.

Want to see and touch our fabrics in person?

Cushion duties

No one wants a saggy Snug now, do they? We all need a little plumping and a good massage here and there, and the same can be said for your beloved sofa.

  • Practise your plumping skills daily and keep your sofa cushions looking in tip, top shape. *Note - it’s a great workout, too!
  • Give them a regular flip, flop and turn, and keep them looking nice and even.
  • Oh, and bums on seats please! Perching on the edge of the cushions can cause them to sag and lose their shape over time.

Spill sessions

Accidents happen, hey? But our sofas are made for real life and real problems, so don’t sweat it too much.

  • Mop up spillages as quickly as possible by gently blotting with a dry cloth. Woah now, not too vigorous! Think more of a dab than a scrub.
  • Still need a helping hand? Grab a damp cloth and, with a delicate circular movement, blot from the outside in.
  • Oops, you’ve dribbled a bit of oil or grease on there. Drop a specialist cleaning service a line, just to be on the safe side.

  • Now go and get your snug on! Don’t worry about life’s little spillages, hurdles and ups and downs - just like you, your sofa can handle it.

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