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Become a Snug Influencer! Join our inner circle of Snuggers 'n' become a member of the good ol' Snug Fam. We're all about comfort, love 'n' fun over here. So, if that's your thing... you've come to the right place.

While we'd love to accept all of ya'll, we do have a few lil' requirements for our IG influencers...

• Are ya based in the UK?

• D'ya you have a minimum of 30k followers on IG?

• Is your engagement rate 2% or higher?

• Can ya provide compelling analytics of your audience, demographics 'n' blah blah blah?

• Have ya followed us for some time 'n' get what we're all about? 

• Does your feed have the Snug-factor? In other words... do you share gorgeous home content?

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