Ready for a lifetime of feet up moments? Our sofa footstools will have you lounging in pure bliss - they’re so good you’ll probably never want to get up. To help you make the right choice when buying a footstool, we’ve written this handy guide to give you all the information you need.

Main Considerations When Buying a Footstool

All of our collections have a footstool, so depending on which sofa is your favourite, you will likely want to get the footstool to match. If you need a little help deciding on your sofa, read our buying guide here. 


The Rebel sofas pair perfectly with The Rebel Footstool and its black or brown hardwood legs to match. But if The Big Chill is more your style, opt for metal legs on The Big Chill Footstool.

If you’ve chosen The Cloud Sundae or The Small Biggie as your marshmallowy sofas to sink into, they each offer footstools built to match their collections. These collections also offer storage with their footstools - the best place for hiding all those secret snacks.

Comfort is what we’re known for here at Snug. We designed our Footstools to be the ultimate cushioned stool to sink your feet into. Built with plush, plump foam it even makes the perfect seat. Don’t believe us? Try one out for yourself in one of our showrooms or order today and enjoy a 100 day trial.

We’ve made our Footstools the perfect height to position next to your sofa. The Rebel Footstool with hardwood legs stands at 50cm tall, and The Big Chill Footstool with metal legs it’s slightly shorter at 44cm tall. Both The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie footstools are 54cm tall with storage. They’re also designed to fit into any space with The Rebel and The Big Chill Footstool at 88cm wide and The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie 90cm wide.

Like our self-assembly, modular sofas, our footstools are guaranteed to fit into every space no matter how awkward. They can be assembled in minutes, no tools required!

takeaway tips!

  1. Each of our footstools are designed to match all four of our collections.
  2. The Cloud Sundae and Small Biggie footstools offer storage.
  3. All our footstools are made with durable, spill resistant and pet friendly fabric and a 15 year frame guarantee.