Corner Sofa Buying Guide

This guide will help you choose the perfect corner sofa

We understand that buying a corner sofa is a big deal, especially when living situations and sofa needs change over time. That’s why we’ve designed the most flexible corner sofas on the planet, created to slot seamlessly into your life, no matter where you are.

Main Considerations When Buying a Corner Sofa


Choosing the Right Type and Style

We have four styles to pick from across our collections; The Rebel, The Big Chill, The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie.


The corner sofas within these ranges are available in a variety of gorgeous colours, fabrics and types. You may opt for a small, medium or large corner sofa, or perhaps a chaise corner sofa or a corner sofa bed. Whichever you like, our sofas are completely flexible. When you assemble them, you can choose whether they face left or right, for example, as the corner unit can slot into whichever end.


So, whatever your aesthetic, we’ve got the corner sofa for you. What’s more, you can customise the size, configuration, orientation and even the types of legs or arms, so they really can fit into your ideal world and grow with you.


At Snug, we're all about comfort but we know it’s different for everyone. Do you prefer a corner sofa with a little bounce when you sit? Then you should opt for The Big Chill or The Rebel. Or do you prefer to sink into the settee? If so, drift off to cosy-town with The Cloud Sundae or The Small Biggie.

Size and Space

Who said you can't get a corner sofa up a narrow staircase? Our modular corner sofas are delivered in parts so that you can easily fit them through any tight hallway or awkward space.


All four of our modular collections offer corner sofas in small, medium and large options. We don’t like to leave anyone out, so we made sizes for everyone. Ranging from small ‘L’ shape sofas to large ‘U’ shape suites.

If you book an appointment with our comfort experts, you can also customise a corner sofa of any size and shape. For example, you could combine a set of two 4.5 seater sofas with a corner unit for a larger corner sofa. Or if you’re looking for space-saving solutions for snug rooms (see what we did there?), you may opt for a small corner sofa consisting of two Snugglers and a corner unit.


There’ll be no disappointment on the delivery day from us. Luckily for you, our corner sofas are delivered in parts so they can easily fit through all sorts of spaces. Pretty nifty, hey? Oh, and the assembly is super easy too - but more on that later.

Our boxes themselves are neatly packed, so if you do want to transport to the right spot without unpacking first, we’ve got the lowdown on individual box sizes here. However, for those really tight spaces (we see you, lofts), it can be easier to take the sofa parts out and carry them in-hand.


How to assemble a Snug modular corner sofa


Our modular corner sofas can be assembled without the use of tools. Each piece easily connects together with our simple slotting system and hand twist locks. Please read more about how to assemble here.

Corner Sofa FAQs


What is a modular corner sofa?

Our corner sofas are ‘modular’, meaning they’re designed in separate, easy-to-handle components that effortlessly come together to make your sofa whole. Think of it like Lego; the pieces are attached together, without the use of tools. You can make any size and any shape, and putting it together is as easy as taking it apart. Find out more about what a modular corner sofa is here.


All of this means that you have the flexibility to create the perfect sofa shape for you. It also means your sofa can grow with you. If you move into a new home and buy a Snuggler or 2 Seater, for example, you could later purchase the corner unit to merge the two and transform it into a Corner Sofa. Equally, if you had a corner sofa and wanted to separate it later, you can!

How do the corner sofas differ by collection?

Any of The Rebel and The Big Chill sofas (except for The Rebel Sofa Bed and The Big Chill Sofa Bed) can be joined together with The Corner Unit to make an L or U shaped corner sofa.

The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie collections are fully modular so you can build a sofa of any size and shape. Want to create the world's longest corner sofa? Go for it!

How can the corner sofa fit in my home?

Haven’t you heard? We’re the sofa in a box company. And yes, our sofas really do come in separate handy boxes! We’ve created them this way for you to lounge easy knowing your sofa is guaranteed to fit into any space. Simply carry your boxes or sofa parts through narrow hallways, up windy staircases and through tight door frames without any hassle or awkward heavy lifting.

What if I can’t see the configuration I want?

If you’ve browsed through all the options, and you still can’t find anything to suit your space, not to fear! Book an consultation with a Snug team member and we’ll be happy to help.

Can they be right-hand or left-hand facing?

Yes! Left or right hand facing - with Snug, it doesn’t matter. Our modular sofas have sneaky hidden brackets meaning you can slot your sofas together in whatever direction you fancy and still achieve a seamless design.

Can you have a corner sofa bed?

You have great taste. Corner sofa beds are true lounging genius, so of course we had to make some. Unfortunately they aren’t available in The Rebel and The Big Chill, but you can snuggle up to your heart's content in The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie corner sofa beds.

Takeaway Tips

  • Snug corner sofas are delivered in modular unit parts, guaranteed to fit into any space
  • They can be assembled easily without the use of tools
  • You can customise your corner sofa to any size and shape
  • You can transform a sofa set into a corner sofa and vice versa
  • They are available in four collections, of which, The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie collections are fully modular with options to include storage and corner sofa beds

    Still not sure? Check out our Sofa Buying Guide.

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