Sofa Bed Buying Guide

This guide will help you choose the perfect sofa bed.

It’s time to feel Snug 24/7 with one of our comfortable sofa beds! They are the multi-tasking solution to all your space saving needs. This handy guide will tell you more about the sofa beds available across our collections, so you can pick the perfect one.

Choosing the right collection

You’re spoilt for choice! The Rebel, The Big Chill, The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie all offer sofa bed options.

If something a little versatile is more your style, The Cloud Sundae and Small Biggie may be better suited. Their fully modular design means you can use the sofa bed as part of any corner sofa or chaise lounge configuration which means you could make a
corner sofa bed with storage! Want to learn more about modular sofas? Read our guide here.

Sofa bed comfort

Our sofa beds are designed to bring you years of comfort with their foam mattresses. In fact, they’re so cosy your guests will never want to leave. Plus, living up to their multi-tasking expectations, the sofa beds also make the perfect day time seat. With their plush, plump cushions and billowy backs you can lounge in comfort come day or night.

Need to try them in person? Find the nearest showroom to you. Don’t worry if there are none nearby though. Our sofa beds all come with a 100 day trial!

Size and space

The smallest sofa bed you can get your hands on is the Snuggler Single Sofa Bed, available across our Cloud Sundae and Small Biggie collections. It’s the best sofa for that day to night switch. And with the slim arms of The Small Biggie, it’s guaranteed to fit into any space however awkward.

For something a little larger and more luxurious, The Cloud Sundae and Small Biggie offer corner sofa beds and chaise corner sofa beds. But their fully modular design means that you can also build your own unique set up using any sofa and sofa bed from their collection - allowing you to go as big or small as you want.


No need to fear. All our sofa beds are delivered in parts so you can easily fit your new lounge set up through any sized doorway. Even our largest corner sofa beds will easily manoeuvre through the tightest spaces. These parts can then be self assembled in minutes, with no tools required!

How to pull out a Snug sofa bed

Our modular corner sofas can be assembled without the use of tools. Each piece easily connects together with our simple slotting system and hand twist locks. Please read more about how to assemble here.

Sofa Bed FAQs

Are there sofa beds with storage?

Yes! The Cloud Sundae and Small Biggie both offer storage within the chaise unit of corner sofa bed set ups. Extra lounging space and storage - what more could you want! It’s the perfect spot to neatly tuck away any bedding (or midnight snacks) and hide the mess. 

How do you put a sofa bed away?

The seamless design makes it easy to put a sofa bed back. Simply lift up the legs and fold back the bed in the reverse order to how you assembled it.

Which sofa bed is more comfortable?

Each of our collections offer ultimate comfort, but if you prefer a little bounce when you sit - opt for The Rebel or The Big Chill. If you prefer to sink into your sofa when you’re chilling - go for The Cloud Sundae or The Small Biggie.


All 4 collections have super cosy foam mattresses so you’re guaranteed to get a dreamy night sleep on all of them.

How do you care for a sofa bed?

With durable, spill resistant and pet friendly fabric, we’ve tried to keep extra care to a minimum. But all sofas need a bit of TLC every then and again, read our full care guide here.

Takeaway Tips

  • Snug sofa beds are available across The Rebel, The Big Chill, The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie collections.
  • All sofa beds arrive in boxes which can easily fit through doors and are assembled in minutes without tools.
  • The Cloud Sundae and Small Biggie offer fully modular sofa beds which can be used in corner sofa and chaise lounge (with storage) corner set ups

    Still need a little help? Check out our sofa buying guide.