Snuggler Buying Guide

This guide will help you choose the perfect Snuggler.

If you’re looking for a bold accent chair, or the perfect seat to complete your reading nook, Snugglers are the answer for you! This handy guide will tell you everything you need to know about our snuggle seats, available across all collections.

Main Considerations When Buying a Loveseat

Choosing the right type and style

There are four collections to choose from; The Rebel, The Big Chill, The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie.


The chunky square arms of The Big Chill 1.5 Seater Snuggler make it the perfect seat to finish off a modern interior. Alternatively, the sleek finish of The Rebel 1.5 Seater Snuggler brings a more mid-century vibe to your home. These two collections are available in multiple colours and fabric types such as velvet and chenille.


Or if you want a loveseat with modern aesthetics and a fully modular design, The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie are perfect. The 1.5 Seater Snugglers are super comfortable and can be purchased with or without arms and storage space. They are made in the UK and available in a range of popular spill-resistant velvet, chenille and bubbly beautiful boucle.


For something with a little more bounce when you sit, try The Rebel or The Big Chill Snugglers. Both large armchair designs share the same base but they have different arms and legs which are interchangeable.

Or if you’re looking for a sofa you can sink into, The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie are perfect. They also share the same base but The Small Biggie has slender arms making it perfect for those tight spaces.

Size and space

The snuggle seats are big enough to fit two people. The Cloud Sundae is our largest Snuggler at 140cm wide, followed by The Big Chill at 122cm. The Rebel and The Small Biggie are our smallest Snugglers at 118cm and 116cm respectively. They are built to perfectly fit into any nook in your home!


Just like our normal sized sofas, our Snugglers come apart and each piece is small enough to fit through even the tightest of doorways making moving homes easy. The loveseats can be assembled in minutes without any tools.

How to assemble a Snuggler?

Snuggler FAQs

What is a Snuggler?

A Snuggler is a large armchair and loveseat hybrid. Our 1.5 seaters are the perfect sofa to accompany your 3 Seater Sofa and they’re ideal for creating a cosy corner in your home. Available across all of our collections there’s a snuggle chair to suit every vibe.

Are Snugglers Modular?

Snugglers from The Rebel and The Big Chill collections have interchangeable arms and legs. You can connect these love seats to a Corner Unit to create a Small Corner Sofa.

Snugglers from The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie collections are fully modular with an easy slotting system allowing you to join any modular unit (whether it’s a sofa, chaise or corner unit) to your Snuggler. For example, attach the Snuggler to a 3 Seater Sofa to make a 4.5 Seater. Find out more about how our modular sofas work here.

What is the difference between a sofa and a Snuggler?

Snugglers are like sofas that have shrunk in the wash. They’ve got all the same style and comfort just in a slightly smaller size. The armchair sized seat is the perfect place to snuggle up with your favourite book.

How do I turn my Snuggler into a corner sofa?

With our easy slotting system, our modular sofas are essentially life sized Lego. Using a corner unit and any other sized pieces you want (yes, that includes sofa beds in the Cloud Sundae and Small Biggie ranges) simply slide the pieces together and use thumb lock screws to fasten. To find out more about transforming your sofa into a corner sofa, read our guide here.

What colour Snugglers are there?

Our Snugglers are available in a range of colours including blue, green, grey, taupe and blush pink. View all our available colours here or order a free sample box.

How do you clean a Snuggler?

With durable, spill resistant and pet friendly fabric, we’ve tried to keep extra care to a minimum. But all Snugglers need a bit of TLC every then and again, read our full care guide here.

Takeaway Tips

  1. Snugglers are essentially armchairs but a little wider. Our largest is 140cm wide and our smallest is 116cm.
  2. You can transform your Snuggler into a Corner Sofa with the modular design.
  3. They are delivered in parts and easy to assemble without any tools.

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