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June 24, 2022

Our Favourite Interior Colour Trends of 2022

Transform your humble abode with this year’s hottest interior colour trends. From sunkissed yellows to bold blues, there's something for every personality. Check out our favourite home looks below and get inspired.

Calming neutrals

Oatmeal large corner
Taupe right hand chaise
Oatmeal 3 seater sofa
Taupe corner and snuggler

Give your living room a harmonious feel with a neutral interior design. Stylish and versatile, this trend is possibly the most popular in 2022.


You may want to go for an all-natural look, using different soft hues for a sophisticated look. But it’s not just for the minimalist, a neutral theme can still blend with a host of colours from pastel pinks to rustic orange.

Bold blues

Teal 3 seater sofa
blue steel 3 seater sofa
Teal 2 seater sofa
Midnight blue 3 seater sofa bed

Bring out your personality and make a statement by designing your home with some bold blues. We offer a range of blue velvet sofas across all of our ranges.

Sunkissed yellows

Saffron accent chair
Saffron accent stool

Bring the sunshine indoors with yellow and orange furniture which can be complemented with other bold colours of the season such as powder pink and soft greens.

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