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November 16, 2023

Snug Presents... Blue, Five and Blazin' Squad

On 10th April, Snug Presents time warped back to the year 2000 with the boyband reunion of a lifetime. The stage was set, the lights were dim and Blue, Five and Blazin' Squad performed a mega medley of hits that had us fangirling - HARD!


We hosted a competition and 24 lucky guests won tickets to watch the show from the best seats in the house (a Snug sofa of course). Along with some hubba bubba and fun cocktails, our guests were treated to a mega medley of hits from these boy band legends.


Let's recap the night and show you what went down!

The Stage was Set!

We decorated our secret location in London with the ultimate Y2K decorations. We're talking Smash Hits magazines, posters, roller skates and lava lamps. It was an exact replica of our teenage bedrooms.


Our Cloud Sundae Snugglers created the VIP seating (they got some pretty great comfort reviews too) and our Accent Stool made for the perfect coffee table. Plus with its spill resistant fabric, it was ready for any accidental cocktail spillages.

The Bands Took to the Stage!

First, Blazin' Squad brought all the hip hop vibes, performing upbeat numbers such as Flip Reverse and their number one hit, Crossroads. We're proud to say we remembered all the words.


Continuing the vibes, Five then took to the stage and treated us to some noughties dance routines which we've been recreating ever since!

As if the night couldn't get any better, Blue finished the show with a performance we would have only dreamed of. We can't actually believe we've seen Fly By AND All Rise live!

The Crowd Loved Them!

There was some great sofa dancing as declared by Blazin' Squad, but as soon as 'All Rise' came on, there wasn't a single bum left in seat. It was the ultimate 00's boogie.

Meet and Greet!

Our guests got to live their teenage dream and finished the night with a meet and greet with each of the bands. There were lots of starstruck giggles, smiles and inner teens screaming.

They got to ask the bands anything they wanted but, for those who didn't win tickets, we also hosted an Instagram Live Q&A so they could join the party from home! If you didn't get a chance to watch, we've saved them over on our Instagram @snugsofa!

The Ultimate 00s Playlist

Has Snug Presents left you wishing you could travel back to the 2000's permanently? We feel you, that's why we've put together the ultimate 00s playlist so you can boogie away every day.


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