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1 Seater Armchair



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Snug... anything else is just a sofa

free UK delivery

free UK delivery

Delivery in days, or on a day that suits you

no tight squeezes

no tight squeezes

Fits through any doorway and up any staircase

easy to build

easy to build

No tools, just pop it together in minutes

add & extend

add & extend

Level-up your seating game whenever you like

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Even more reason for choosing snug

Snugs are comfortable beyond measure. Once you sit down, you won't want to get up. That's one of the reasons we're the nation's favourite sofa brand. So, don't miss out. Discover a new realm of cosy today.
Tell your friends to bring a bottle of red because Snugs are made with soft, easy-care and spill-resistant fabrics. Cheers!
Delivered in parts, you can easily fit a Snug into your home. Get yours as soon as tomorrow or get FREE UK delivery in days.*

Snug. Anything else is just a sofa

out of the box and into your life

You'll sink right into a Snug and never want to get up. Not only are they comfortable and stylish, but they're also spill-resistant. Slurp your morning cuppa, scoff down a late-night curry, have a sloppy kiss and have a food fight. The little just marks don't matter. Oh, and did we mention they're delivered in parts so you can fit them anywhere? Assemble them in minutes without any tools. Get your Snug with free delivery in days and a 100-day trial.

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