Celebrating (un) boxing day with us!

With up to 20% off your dream SNUG sofa, you can be confident you'll have the comfiest start to 2024.

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Boxing Day Sofa Sale

During those cold winter months, nothing beats cosying up to your loved ones on the sofa. So, it’s important your couch not only oozes with style but also comfort. A Snug sofa does just that. In fact our marshmallowy cushions are soft enough to have you drifting off into a new realm of cosy. So, why not grab a Boxing Day deal, and get your new favourite sofa with fast and free delivery, and a 100 day trial!

Boxing Day Corner Sofas

The New Year is just around the corner, so what better way to prepare for the new year than by extending your seating space so you can invite your loved ones over all year? Our corners sofa are perfect for such occasions as they can be delivered in days, are guaranteed to fit into any space (we see you, tight hallways), are super comfortable and even spill resistant - so you don’t have to worry about spilling your left-over Christmas prosecco.

The Big Chill open sofa bed in olive green with neutral linens and green walls

Boxing Day Sofa Beds

Oh, but it wouldn’t be a celebration without your loved ones spending the night. Don’t leave them with the cold floor to sleep on, put them on a comfortable sofa bed. Order your sofa bed this Boxing Day and select any delivery date at check-out.

Boxing Day Snugglers

Your new favourite spot is waiting. Get your own Snuggler this holiday season - the ultimate reading spot to fight over. Save some % off, get next day delivery and a 100 day trial. How’s that for a Boxing Day treat?

Boxing Day Sofas on Finance

The best part? You can spread the cost of your Boxing Day sofas with 12-36 monthly payments for orders between £1,500 and £5,000 through V12.