They came, they SNUGed, they relaxed extremely hard.


The first Extreme Relaxing UK Championships took place on the 20th August. And with tensions high, bums in seats and distraction flying, the UK’s top relaxer was crowned!

Congratulations Nicola for taking home the title!


Watch below to watch the championships unfold, with Seema Jaswal, Jimmy Bullard and Dr Jamie Barker in the driving seat.

The Extreme Relaxing UK Championships have arrived!

Extreme times call for Extreme Relaxation. Can you keep your cool and reach another realm of zen faster than than you can brew a tea? Well then you might just have the makings of an Extreme Relaxing UK Champion!


You won’t just be signing up for your chance to prove yourself as the first Extreme Relaxing UK Champion, you could be winning exclusive merch, discounts and the Extreme Relaxer’s throne of choice… a SNUG!

Extreme relaxing prizes
Extreme relaxing hosted at Kia Oval
Dr Jamie Barker, Sport and Exercise Psychologist



There are times when being able to relax is vital. In today’s society where life and work are busy most people have neglected the skill of relaxation to help them to deal with ‘life’ stress.

The ability to relax and stay relaxed is undoubtedly a skill which individuals can learn and develop with appropriate practice and guidance.


Extreme Relaxation represents a unique experience for individuals to determine their relaxation skills in the face of adversities and stressors. Each player in the Extreme Relaxing Championships is equipped with a HR monitor given time to establish a relaxed baseline. During the competition, individuals will be asked to relax while being presented with a series of distractions, the individual with the smallest amount to change from their relaxed baseline will be deemed the winner.