Snug, Anything else is just a sofa

come to bed with us

Melt away to a new realm of cosy with a Snug from our sleep range. Welcome your guests and curl up for movie night, and when your eyes are drooping, pull out the bed (in seconds) to reveal the perfect spot to catch some Zzz's. No doubt, these Snugs will transport the whole gang to cosy-town.

feel Snug, day and night

sofa to bed in a blink

With a seamless design, you can easily switch between sofa and bed with our easy pull-out mechanisms. Curl up with a book, gobble your lunch and have a soothing sleep… all from one comfortable, versatile spot.

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marshmallow comfort

With a cloud-like foam mattress, you will drift into a blissful deep slumber. These sleepy Snugs are designed so you never have to leave it, day or night. But be warned… your overnight guests may never want to leave. They will dream big and snore loudly.
Plus, all Snugs are easy to clean and maintain.

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