Snug, Anything else is just a sofa

come to bed with us

Melt away to a new realm of cosy with a Snug from our sleep range. Welcome your guests and curl up for movie night, and when your eyes are drooping, pull out the bed (in seconds) to reveal the perfect spot to catch some Zzz's. No doubt, these Snugs will transport the whole gang to cosy-town.

feel Snug, day and night

sofa to bed in a blink

With a seamless design, you can easily switch between sofa and bed with our easy pull-out mechanisms. Curl up with a book, gobble your lunch and have a soothing sleep… all from one comfortable, versatile spot.

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marshmallow comfort

With a cloud-like foam mattress, you will drift into a blissful deep slumber. These sleepy Snugs are designed so you never have to leave it, day or night. But be warned… your overnight guests may never want to leave. They will dream big and snore loudly.
Plus, all Snugs are easy to clean and maintain.

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our favourites

ultimate hiding spot

Multi-purpose and multi-functional… our chaise sofa beds even have storage, the ideal spot to store bedding or hide your midnight snacks. We’re not talking small storage either - they’re like Mary Poppins’ iconic handbag. Perfect solution for those looking to save on space.

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The Big Chill open sofa bed in olive green with neutral linens and green walls

snooze in style

Our sofa beds are not only designed for your comfort and stability… they will also upgrade your home aesthetic. With a range of styles and colours, we have something for every living room look. Not sure which colour is your vibe? Order free samples today and give them a test drive… especially our spill-resistant chenille and velvet options.

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why you'll love Snug

fast, free delivery!

fast, free delivery!

No need to thanks us

no tight squeezes

no tight squeezes

Fits through any doorway and up any staircase

easy to build

easy to build

No tools, just pop it together in minutes

add & extend

add & extend

Level-up your seating game whenever you like

sofa bed faqs

We offer space-saving, self-assembly Sofa Beds in a range of types including 3 Seater Sofa Beds, Corner Sofa Beds, Chaise Sofa Beds with storage and Day Beds with storage. With our next day delivery you can get cosy on your new high-quality Sofa Bed as soon as tomorrow.

You can wave goodbye to your old clunky set-up. Our Sofa Beds are easy to set up, and unbelievably comfy. Arriving in separate boxes guaranteed to fit through even the tightest doorways, you can feel confident that these Sofa Beds will fit into any home. They can be assembled easy without any tools.

Our seamless design leaves no hint of the bed stored underneath and can be switched from sofa to bed in seconds. Simply lift off the cushions and pull the metal bar towards you to unfold the bed. It really is that easy.

You bet! Our pocket sprung, foam mattresses are made for sinking into and, depending on which model you choose, are between 6 - 10cm thick. So, you can rest assured that your guests will have the best night's sleep.

Yes, but only on The Cloud Sundae & The Small Biggie. The hidden brackets on these collections allow you to connect the sofa bed as part of any corner sofa or chaise lounge configuration. You can even take off the arms for extra tight spaces! The The Rebel & The Big Chill sofa beds are not modular since their brackets sit lower than the other styles to make room for the mattress storage.

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"Quality materials and delivered in a box - but you'd never know!"

"Waiting weeks for a sofa is now a thing of the past."

"Snug is set to revolutionize small-space living"

"Snug's build-it-yourself sofas are genius."

"Better for your bottom" Katrina Burroughs

the small biggie

Chaise Sofa Bed - Deep Blue

A new realm of cosy, with unbelievably soft velvet, and a contemporary design. We’re pretty sure this is the Sofa Bed you’ve been dreaming of. Say goodbye to your old clunky set up, and say hello to this seamless design. Made for sittin’, snoozin’ and snorin’, you’ll probably want to give up your own bed after you try The Cloud Sundae Sofa Bed.