Our Sofas Are Pooch Approved. Don’t Believe us? See for Yourself…

Because your pooch’s opinion is worth a thousand words.

We know how much our Snug family love their furry friends. We also know that they love to jump up on the sofa to hang out with the gang. So, what better way to compromise than getting your hands on the comfiest pet-friendly sofas around?


Snug sofas are covered in the most lavish soft-touch materials that are 100% vegan, stain-resistant and pet friendly. This means that your lucky animals can lounge at their leisure… if you can bear to share, that is!


So, without further ado, we’re handing over to the pups of the moment, sharing our favourite pooch meet Snug snaps.

Which dog has your favourite set-up?

“Here’s one I made earlier.”

Snug Sofas are pet friendly


Lord Noah couldn’t be happier with his new throne - he said the green brings out his eyes…

"What are you doing in my fort?"

Maximise your floor space with raised sofa legs


Hi, Dobby here. This fort is a dog-safe zone. Humans, enter at own risk*

*obligatory licks on arrival

It’s a dog’s life

The Cloud Sundae collection features handy storage


Don’t look at me like that, mum. I read the care instructions - clever velvet is very forgiving... I even cleaned my paws - Bonnie.

The paw of approval 

Blue velvet snuggler


We’re honoured to receive the paw of approval from Larry. We’d first like to thank our pooches for all of their support and quality control, our team for their hard work and dedication and our sofas for being so hecking comfortable.

On top of the world

Green 2 seater sofa


After a hard day’s work, Molly enjoys a large bowl of water, a short game of tug-of-war and sitting back and watching her favourite humans all from the comfort of her dog bed (or, as her humans call it, the ‘sofa’).

If you can’t beat them, join them

Cream sofa


When you realise your dog has picked up on the phrase “on your feet, lose your seat”.

At least they can’t understand “W A L K I E S” yet...

Sun-kissed and sofa suave

Grey sofa


Winnie, we’re waiting on your coat-care routine...tell us your secrets…

You’ll never not be Queen Bee to us.

Grey chaise sofa


Alert: Queen Bee has been dethroned. I repeat, Queen Bee has been dethroned; a cat has infiltrated the palace.

Guardian of the footstool

Blue velvet footstool


You won’t get past Millie without the secret password (we’d try “treats” if we were you…).

When your canine friend can read the cushion all too well...

Blue velvet sofa


In fairness, Brie was just responding to some positive reinforcement - will sit for snacks.

The Rebel 1.5 Seater Snuggler

The Cloud Sundae 1.5 Seater Snuggler

The Cloud Sundae Storage Footstool

The Cloud Sundae Corner Sofas - Large

The Footstool


The Big Chill 1.5 Seater Sofa


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