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November 8, 2023

We Matched Our Sofas to Your Star Signs

If you’re feeling a bit star struck by all the sofa options out there, maybe it’s time to let us be your cosmic guide. We’ve analysed all 12 Star Signs to help you find your perfect sofa.


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21st March - 19th April

Grey Small biggie snuggler

The Small Biggie Snuggler


You’re naturally ambitious and very competitive. Number One is the only place for you (c’mon, let us win for once!). You dive head first into challenges and you need a sofa that’s going to match your drive.


That’s why The Small Biggie Snuggler is the perfect sofa for you. This Snug soaks up challenges just as much as you. In fact, it was the first sofa ever to fit inside The Smallest House in Great Britain, in over 400 years. Yeah, that’s one big achievement. 

20th April - 20th May

Cloud sundae 3 seater

The Cloud Sundae 3 Seater


There is only one thing you truly love in life - relaxation. Now we all love a bit of self care and an evening of chilling, but you take it to the next level. We found you after work routine:


  1. Shoes off
  2. Comfy clothes on
  3. Facemask applied
  4. Eyes closed

You’re going to need a sofa just as chill as you, something that will transport you to a new realm of cosy, that you can sink into and float away into marshmallowy heaven. Well, we’ve got just the thing! The Cloud Sundae is designed for ultimate relaxation, and it sounds like you’ll be the perfect pair. Go for a Warm Grey to really hone in those neutral chill vibes, and if you want to take it to the next level, why not grab some scatter cushions to snuggle up to?

21st May - 21st June

Cloud sundae chaise

The Cloud Sundae Chaise Longue


Your spontaneous and playful energy means you’re constantly starting new hobbies and completing too many different tasks. We bet sometimes you wish there were two of you so that you could get all your jobs done.


All these different hobbies mean you accumulate a lot of stuff, so the perfect sofa for you is something with secret storage that you can hide everything in. A Chaise Longue is the perfect cosy solution. Spend your days having fun with as many activities as possible, and spend your nights lounging in pure bliss after you’ve tidied all the mess away.


Geminis are also known for letting their imagination run wild, so if you need a little something to exercise your imagination, why not join our Style Your Snug competition where you can get creative with your Snug sofa. Find out more here.

22nd June - 22nd July

Forest green corner sofa

The Big Chill Corner Sofa & Footstool


Privacy is important to you. You’ll do whatever it takes to protect yourself emotionally and you don’t let people in easily, establishing trust first is important. Because of your highly intuitive and emotional nature, you want your home to feel safe and private. So a cosy Snug is perfect for curling up and hiding into with it’s plush, plump cushions.


The best interior palette for a Cancer is a lot of light, pale space accented with greens and a Pine Green Big Chill Corner Sofa and Footstool seems to be calling your name.

23rd July - 22nd August

Taupe corner sofa

The Rebel Corner Sofa


You guys are known for your naturally fiery and dramatic personalities. The spotlight seems to love you, and you can’t deny that you’re a fan of the attention too. A home that really celebrates you, full of luxe accessories, is exactly what you need.


Well, how does the UK’s most rated sofa in a box sound? Your pieces are bold enough on their own, so you don’t need bright colours to make a statement. A Large Taupe Rebel Corner Sofa will do the trick to add a sleek mid-century style to your home.

23rd August - 22nd September

Grey sofa bed

The Small Biggie Chaise Corner Sofa Bed


Most of your friends would describe you as a perfectionist at heart. You’re logical, practical and always looking to improve your skills. A tasteful, minimalist home would be your ideal space to live. You want room to be able to read, relax, nap all in one spot, and if there’s one thing you hate - it's mess.


A Grey Small Biggie Chaise Sofa Bed is perfect for your home. Our seamless design means you can switch your sofa bed from reading corner to snooze zone in one easy movement. There’s also secret storage hidden in the Chaise piece which is perfect for tidying away an unwanted mess.

23rd September - 23rd October

Teal corner sofa

The Big Chill Corner Sofa


You’re looking for a smart space that’s great for entertaining but you’re also obsessed with symmetry. Ruled by Venus herself, you’re obsessed with tasteful, peaceful colours. Something like a light blue is perfect for opening your heart.


That’s why your sofa soulmate is a U shaped Big Chill sofa in Teal. It ticks all the boxes for symmetry, entertaining, and peaceful tones.

24th October - 21st November

Blue 3 seater sofa

The Cloud Sundae 3 Seater Sofa Bed


Ever felt like people often misunderstand you? Scorpios are known for being mysterious and complicated. You’re not afraid of bold or dark colours, you think they help bring life into a space. And your guests seem to love it too. They enjoy looking at your home with intense curiosity, probably to try and understand you a little better.


The Cloud Sundae 3 Seater Sofa Bed in Midnight Blue gives your guests a space to rest their head after all their wonderings, as well as bringing in a touch of dark blue into your home.

22nd November - 21st December

Forest green rebel

The Rebel 2 Seater


You’re always on the quest for knowledge and searching for new adventures to begin. You like your home to reflect your love of the outdoors. By bringing in lots of natural light and plants you really get a feel of freedom. You don’t need too much space for lounging as you’re too busy adventuring. So, a Forest Green 2 Seater is exactly what you need. Plus maybe a hammock or two.

22nd December - 19th January

Rebel 3 seater

The Rebel 3 Seater


Determination and perseverance is the only way to reach success. That’s your core belief. You’re skilled with both a physical and mental ability to dedicate yourself to a task. But you’re a sucker for a traditional interior, preferring dark wood and low lighting.


The mid-century arms of our original sofa in the box collection will add that final touch in your home. Our NEW Blue Steel fabric is also the perfect colour to compliment your darker woods.

20th January - 18th February

Midnight blue 2 seater

The Small Biggie 2 Seater


You’re dedicated to making the world a better place. Aquarius is the most humanitarian of all the signs so you radiate the most innovative and revolutionary vibes. You’re stylish, modern and minimal which is perfectly suited to our Small Biggie 2 Seater.

This notoriously comfortable sofa is made here in the UK using vegan friendly fabric. Your purchase will also plant 5 trees, helping contribute to the fantastic work of the Eden Reforestation Project. Find out more about our partnership with them here.

19th February - 20th March

The Rebel 3 Seater


As Pisces is the last of the zodiacs, you’ve absorbed every lesson from the other signs. You’re intuitive, sensitive and empathetic and you want your home to bring you happiness. You love peaceful c