Storage Sofa Buying Guide

This guide will help you choose the perfect storage sofa

Sofas with storage are the answer to all your prayers. They’re not only perfect for lounging on, but they also provide the ideal space saving solution with a secret storage compartment to hide away the mess (or any secret snacks). This handy guide will tell you more about storage sofas, available across our collections, so you can pick the perfect sofa for you.

Main Considerations When Buying a Storage Sofa

sofa bed with storage

Choosing the Right Collection

Both The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie collections offer chaise sofas and footstools with storage. These collections have a fully modular design meaning you can use a storage sofa as part of any corner sofa or chaise lounge set up. You could add a Chaise Lounge with Storage onto a 3 Seater Sofa Bed, for example, to provide a space for your guests to stay and a handy spot to hide your bedding.


Both collections are made with our plush, plump base perfect for sinking into. The key difference between the collections is the size. If you’re looking for something larger, and more billowy, The Cloud Sundae is the one for you. The chunky arms are made for lounging and are the key to any Netflix Sunday.

If you want BIG comfort in a smaller space, The Small Biggie may be more suited to you. The clue’s in the name! The slim, curved arms make for a smaller footprint making it easy to fit into tight spaces or awkward alcoves.


Our sofas with storage are designed with a foam filled cushion as the lid. The foam is wrapped in a fibre jacket for the ultimate ‘sink into me’ feeling. So we can guarantee all the same comfort on a storage sofa. Don’t believe us? Why not head down to one of our showrooms to try out for yourself!

Size and Space

You’re spoilt for choice with size options when shopping for storage sofas. From Footstools to Large Corner Sofas, storage sofas come in a variety of sizes, so there’s guaranteed to be something to suit everyone’s space. Shop all storage sofas here.


All our sofas and footstools with storage come in parts small enough to fit through even the tightest doorwars or up the windiest of staircases. Each piece can be assembled in minutes without the use of tools. Simply slot the pieces together using our easy slotting system.


You can access the storage compartment of your sofa by finding the tab at the front of the sofa cushion and lifting upwards to reveal the space underneath. Simply push the cushion back down again to close before sitting back down to enjoy a cosy night in.


Storage Sofa FAQs

Which sofas have storage?

Storage sofas are available in the Chaise Lounge and Footstools from both The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie Collections. As they are modular, you can attach the chaise sofa to a sofa bed to make a corner sofa bed with storage.

Can you get a sofa bed with storage?

Although our 3 Seater Sofas don’t come with storage, you can still get a sofa bed with storage within our Corner Sofa set ups. As our storage collections are fully modular, our 3 Seater Sofa Bed can be added onto any chaise storage unit to give you a sneaky space to hide any spare bedding. Both The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie offer Sofa Bed corner set ups with storage.

You can also get a Daybed with Storage from our Small Biggie collection. Our Daybed is made with two Chaise Lounges and makes the ultimate 24/7 snoozing experience. You can find out more about our Chaise Lounge sofas here.

Where is the storage space?

We’re a big fan of seamless designs here at Snug so we’ve designed our storage space to perfectly blend into any sofa. The storage space is found within the base of the sofa and can be accessed by lifting up the tab at the front of the cushions.

How big is the storage space?

Storage space is 61.4cm deep and goes the full width of your chosen sofa. But, believe us, it’s like Mary Poppins’ bag. It can fit almost anything, so you’ll have no trouble fitting all your secret snacks or spare bedding in there.

How do you care for a sofa with storage?

With durable, spill resistant and pet friendly fabric, we’ve tried to keep extra care to a minimum. But all sofas need a bit of TLC every then and again, read our full care guide here.

How do you assemble the sofas?

Our modular corner sofas can be assembled without the use of tools. Each piece easily connects together with our simple slotting system and hand twist locks. Please read more about how to assemble here.

Takeaway Tips

  1. Storage sofas are available from The Cloud Sundae and The Small Biggie collections as Chaise Lounges, which can be connected to any sofa, and Footstools.
  2. You can have a Sofa Bed with storage when a Chaise is a part of the set up.
  3. The storage space sits within the base of the sofa and can be accessed by lifting up the tab at the front of the base cushion.